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Japanese Diorama Artist Creates Stunningly Detailed Models Smaller Than Actual Thumbnails





Just this month, we shared with you the fantastic work of artist-photographer Michael Paul Smith, who uses small die-cast vehicles to create vintage town pictures. We were truly blown away with the attention to details Smith put in his pieces.

This time, allow us to blow your minds once again with the craft of another talented guy.

Shunichi Matsuba is a diorama artist from Japan and he creates amazingly detailed miniature scenes using extremely tiny models, with some of them small enough to fit within his thumbnail.

Unbelievable, you say? Well, you better believe it.

Well, first off, you have to know that there are people in Japan who take diorama-making really seriously. Shunichi Matsuba, for example, has gotten so good at his craft that his pieces are stunningly realistic and impressively small. A bucket and a table he made, for instance, are smaller than his thumbnail. One of his trucks, on the other hand, is much smaller in size than a coin.

He posted some of his works on Twitter and here are some of them:

I don’t know about you, but personally, I am beyond impressed with this guy’s expert craftsmanship. I couldn’t help but wonder how fun it would be if he and Smith actually collaborated on a project.

Oh, well, one can dream!

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