Japanese Town Uses Robot ‘Monster Wolves’ To Scare Away Bears

This is how Japan deals with wild bears!

  • A company in Japan has been manufacturing ‘monster wolves’ to help people scare wild bears away.
  • Several areas in the country have been experiencing unprecedented bear attacks, the worst of its kind in the past years.
  • So far, the robots have been very useful for the residents of Takikawa, Hokkaido.

A town in Japan has come up with a unique solution for their bear problem. They’re using robot monster wolves!

In what seems like an idea taken from a sci-fi movie, Hokkaido’s Takikawa town officials are utilizing robots to scare away wild bears in the area.

According to a Reuters report, two of these robot wolves were “purchased and installed… after bears were found roaming neighborhoods in September.” So far, the tactic has proven successful as no bears have been spotted since.

Among the robots’ features include a motion detector which, when activated, makes the head move. Plus it comes equipped with 60 different sounds and noises that effectively drive the wild animals away.

Ohto Seiko, a tech firm based in Hokkaido, has been making these mechanical scarecrows. According to company, around 70 robot wolves have been acquired by Japanese farmers in the past 3 years.

Wild bear attacks in Japan have reached the highest numbers in five years, reports claim. And so modern solutions such as these have become useful.

For example, Yukio Yamagishi of the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Division in Kaga, said they have “received an unprecedented number of reports of bear sightings this year.”

Meanwhile, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology associate professor of ecology and Japan Bear Network deputy representative Shinsuke Koike suggests:

“It’s important to draw a clear boundary between human and bear areas, by trimming the lawn or removing attractions for bears including unharvested fruits or food waste, so that bears can distinguish their home and won’t mistakenly enter where humans live.

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