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ISIS Hostage Survivor Reveals ISIS Fear Our Unity More Than Airstrikes

“They fear our unity, more than air strikes.”






“They fear our unity more than air strikes.”

This was what Nicolas Hénin wrote in an article published in The Guardian; he pertained to the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, France. Hénin is a French journalist and had survived after being held captive by ISIS for ten months. He met a few of the people behind the group, including a man named Mohammed Emwazi: Jihadi John who nicknamed him “Baldy.” He states that much of how we perceive ISIS results from the image that they wish to portray in public, but behind that lies a group of “pathetic street kids drunk on ideology and power.”

In his article, Hénin recounted how the jailers would play mock executions to make fun of the captives.

All of those beheaded last year were my cellmates, and my jailers would play childish games with us – mental torture – saying one day that we would be released and then two weeks later observing blithely, “Tomorrow we will kill one of you.” The first couple of times we believed them but after that we came to realise that for the most part they were bullshitters having fun with us.

They would play mock executions. Once they used chloroform with me. Another time it was a beheading scene. A bunch of French-speaking jihadis were shouting, “We’re going to cut your head off and put it on to your arse and upload it to YouTube.” They had a sword from an antique shop.

They were laughing and I played the game by screaming, but they just wanted fun. As soon as they left I turned to another of the French hostages and just laughed. It was so ridiculous.


Photo credit: The Guardian

Hénin states that the purpose of these attacks is to create discord and hatred among the populations in Europe. He believes that these bombings will lead to more marginalization of Muslims in Europe, sparking anger in more Muslims and motivating them join ISIS’ cause.

According to Hénin, ISIS has us all trapped in a cycle of enmity and retaliation – more bombings, more killings.

While we are trying to destroy Isis, what of the 500,000 civilians still living and trapped in Raqqa? What of their safety? What of the very real prospect that by failing to think this through, we turn many of them into extremists? The priority must be to protect these people, not to take more bombs to Syria.

“This is what ISIS wants, but should we be giving it to them?” added Hénin.

Ultimately, Hénin believes that ISIS expects rage and bombings. What they greatly fear is strong will and resilience, and most of all, unity – and with our help, achieving it is not impossible.

One of the recent ISIS propaganda which purpose is to divide the public and encourage Muslims to become radicalized and unite against the western world.


H/T: Unilad, The Guardian


France Strikes Back With Aerial Assault on ISIS Stronghold

France has dropped 20 bombs on Syria – and this is just the beginning!

Mark Andrew



As the world mourned the loss of lives following the multiple terrorist attacks around the city of Paris last Friday, November 13, 2015, France President Francois Hollande decided to take swift action by declaring all all-out war against the Islamic State – the group responsible for the attack.

The day after the horrific incident, Hollande gave a speech at Bataclan, one of the sites attacked by the extremists, where he said, “We are going to lead a war which will be merciless.”

France bombared the city of Raqqa in Syria which is known to be an ISIS stronghold.

france-air-strikes-isis 1

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Survivor Shares Ordeal During Paris Attacks In A Viral Facebook Post.

This survivor’s Facebook post is both heart-wrenching and inspiring.

Jessa Ventures



The world was shocked and deeply saddened by Friday's series of coordinated attacks across Paris leaving 130 people dead while hundreds of others were injured. France's President Francois Hollande described it as an "act of war" and promised that France will destroy ISIS, the extremist militant group who claimed responsible for the said attacks.

Along with these heartbreaking news and atrocities are stories of hope--countries united as one in praying and paying tribute to the victims and fighting for world peace, including the inspiring stories of survivors and strangers who become their heroes.

One of the survivors from the Bataclan attack is 22-year-old Isobel Bowdery from Cape Town, South Africa. Bowdery was in the Bataclan concert hall for the Eagles of Death Metal concert last Friday. The former student from Cape Town University said she "pretended to be dead for over an hour" when terrorists started shooting random people inside the stadium where over 80 people died. In a recent Facebook post, she also recounts her horrific experience which quickly went viral and many people moved by her powerful story.

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Former Jihadist Claims Paris Attacks Were Orchestrated By Prominent Muslim Leaders

Syrian Mufti, during a speech, threatened Europe, Britain, and America saying “we will send the suicide bombers to your lands.”

Mark Andrew



As the world stood shocked after the catastrophic attacks in Paris, the Islamic State has been identified as the masterminds behind the tragedy after they claimed responsibility for it. The New York Times posted an article where the terrorist organization said that the attack was “the first of the storm” even going as far as ridiculing France as a “capital of prostitution and obscenity.”

Apparently, there seems to be more to it than simply that. If the theories of blogger Walid Shoebat are to be believed, it looks like powerful leaders from the Muslim community are actually involved. And the assault has been planned for a long time now.

Bataclan Concert Hall was attacked by suicide bombers and gunmen, leaving many victims dead or injured.


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