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11 Inventions That Can Actually Help Save The Planet

Now that's what I call innovative and helpful!

With human evolution comes the depletion of the planet’s vital resources. Effects of global warming and climate change are already being felt worldwide and the Earth appears to be holding on to its last ray of hope.

Even with this undeniable fact, there are people who aren’t giving up. For example, governments and private organizations are joining forces to save the planet. Innovative individuals are sharing ideas and innovative ways on how to salvage what is left of Mother Nature’s gifts.

Case in point, we have this list of 11 awesome inventions:

1. The Seabin

Garbage collection has never been this easy, thanks to this pump-powered Seabin. The water is pumped into the bag where garbage is captured. The cleaned water will then flow back to the sea.

2. Edible Water Blobs

A company in the United Kingdom came up with a new way to store liquid and completely eradicate the need for plastics: edible water blobs. Aside from being safe to eat, these innovative containers are biodegradable since they are made from seaweed extract so their perfect for water and fruit juices.

It can also be used to store almost any liquid, including shampoos, laundry detergents, and others.

3. The Bottle-Crushing Sand Machine

This machine turns bottles into the sand. Every bottle generates 200 grams of sand-like powder that can be used to preserve beaches that were damaged by quarrying.

4. Salt Water Brewery’s Edible Packaging

Because sea life is endangered by plastic thrown out at sea, Salt Water Brewery came up with a packaging that can be safe for their consumption. The edible six-pack ring packaging is made from wheat and barley and is also biodegradable.

5. The Air-Ink

Source: Graviky Labs

Creativity juices will flow with this innovative art material that turns pollution into ink. Carbon soot is collected from smoke generated by vehicle exhausts and is recycled into high-grade ink.

6. The Ocean Cleanup Machine

Like the Seabin, this machine makes use of a massive floating pipe that traps plastic and other garbage. As the pipes move with waves, the trash is gathered at the center of the boat for easy removal.

7. Tire Recycler


This unique invention turns old tires into crumbs where the artificial grass is attached in.

8. Avani's Biodegradable Bags

Source: Avani Eco

Made from natural starches and cassava root, these biodegradable bags help save sea creatures and reduce pollution of the sea.

9. Home Biogas 2.0

This machine converts almost any type of food scrap into usable cooking gas. It works by “digesting” as much as 6 liters of biodegradable waste, which later flows from the system directly to the stove. It can also create fertilizers used for gardening.

10. Aquaponics

A fusion of hydroponics and fish farming, this is a new science that puts even water littered by fish waste to good use. The “dirty” water serves as fertilizer for plants which, in turn, cleanses it. Once the water is clean, it is returned to fish tanks and the cycle continues.

11. Non-Plastic Plastic A-Ma-M

Made from an edible substance called “agar,” this project explores the idea of using alternative packaging materials that Mother Earth can easily digest.

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