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17 Interesting Facts That You’re Too Lazy to Google

If these don't interest you, I don't know what else will.

Whenever we want to know a thing or two, our go-to solution is Google. This search engine has been helping us save time – and even money – in looking for plausible answers. However, we sometimes can’t help but get lazy. It’s not because we don’t like to learn new stuff – who the hell on earth doesn’t? We just don’t feel like doing it.

Well, lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list that answers some of the questions you have had in mind. If you’re down with it, go ahead and scroll down.

#17. Why do goosebumps happen?

Believe it or not, this is actually an ancient phenomenon that we acquired from animals. They basically come from the constriction of our hair follicles. For the animals, having such capability allows them to warm up faster. And in scenarios where there’s a threat, it helps them look bigger and tougher.

#16. Why do we barely recognize our own voice on a recording?

The answer is simply due to the ability of our bones to conduct sound. Our interlocutors, in particular, hear only the sounds conducted by air. Hence the record contains only said sounds. Moreover, the way we hear our own voice is a product of the regular sounds and the low-frequency sounds combined.

#15. Why headaches occur when drinking water and/or eating cold food?

Whenever we eat anything cold like ice cream, we usually feel a sharp headache. This phenomenon is connected to the so-called quick palate vessels and its constriction – or sometimes distention – as a byproduct reaction to low temperatures. To put it simply, there’s nothing to be worried about. It’s human nature, so to speak.

#14. Why does our skin get dark and our hair gets light when under the sun?

Source: depositphotos

In both cases, the sun efficiently breaks the melanin which is responsible for the color of our skin and hair. The only difference is that the hair isn’t living compared to the skin. So when the pigment gets broken, it’s not subsequently replenished in hair. Hence it gets lighter.

#13. Why time passes more slowly for a child?

This is quite simple: children have to remember more events than adults. Remember that when you were still a kid, you were just starting to get acquainted with your surroundings. And your memory, in one way or another, had to collect more data. In a sense, a year contains more events than that of a grown-up.

#12. Why our eyes don’t get cold when it’s freezing?

Our eyes simply don’t have temperature receptor cells and thus can’t determine coldness or hotness. That’s pretty much it.

#11. Why do we tend to close our eyes when eating a lemon?

This reflex was acquired from our ancestors. Basically, our eyes are closed just to prevent the sour lemon juice from getting into them. Otherwise, it would harm the mucous membrane, and this could be a very dangerous thing.

#10. Why don’t urban pigeons sit in trees?

Source: depositphotos

Any pigeons you see – be it in town or city – are quite the same. They all have a natural habit of settling on rocky landscapes, most particularly in areas where there are no trees. Hence they don’t inherit or practice the sitting reflex.

#9. Why is dust white against a black backdrop and black against a white backdrop?

This one’s a bit strange, though. In its most organic form, a dust is gray. But due to its microscopic size, its particles prevent the human eye from seeing its true color. Hence the seemingly changing of colors in said backdrops.

#8. Why are raccoons fond of rinsing their food?

Raccoons are actually quite sophisticated when it comes to food. They basically obtain their food from water and its surroundings. For them, there could be some ooze and algae; hence they rinse to clean them off.

#7. Why do birds fly in V-formations?

The first reason is that they want to save energy. The birds in the front row are responsible for creating special air swirls using their wings. Those in the back use these swirls and converse their energy. Also, the formation helps them see the leader, as it’s the one navigating them to their next destination.

#6. Why do hedgehogs carry apples on their back?

This is a myth actually. Truth is it has something to do with their love for insects. Remember that hedgehogs aren’t fond of eating vegetables. So whenever they see a slug on a mushroom, the latter will immediately be eaten up. But if you do see a live hedgehog with an apple on its back, don’t be fascinated. The fruit might have just ended up there for a reason or two.

#5. Why does a brook babble?

Source: depositphotos

The sound actually appears when air bubbles are caught by the stream of water. From there, they burst. This now gives us a variety of sounds, which we human beings call “babbling.”

#4. Why do some of us experience motion sickness?

This basically happens due to our brain, which gets contradictory information from different parts of our body. For instance, if you’re on a ship, your internal ears can feel the movement of the waves. But as far as your eyes are concerned, they don’t. The brain then tries to make these two different feelings agree and thus gets confused.

#3. Why do a clock’s hands move sunwise?

Remember that in the past people were using sundials. In fact, the sun version had a pole for its shadow to move around the hour plate. So basically, the mechanical clock was based on the sundial. Nothing fancy really. Just pure consistency.

#2. Why is when there’s a blood test it’s always the ring finger?

First and foremost, the pinky and thumb fingers are closely connected to the wrist. If by chance, you get infected, the infection can easily be distributed to the arm. This is also why medical experts advise not to get blood on said fingers. Add to this the fact that the ring finger is the least painful of all, as Bright Side suggests.

#1. Where does toilet waste go on a plane?

After pressing the flush button, a valve immediately opens and sucks down the contents of the bowl. These contents are then carried to a tank within seconds until a limit is reached. A single storage tank is capable of holding around 20 gallons of waste. Once the plane lands, a service truck will then remove all the waste from the tanks.

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