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Smart Crow Solves a Highly Complex Puzzle. Can they Be The Ultimate Problem Solvers?





They say possessing a ‘bird-brain’ means having no intellect or common sense at all. They are shallow, cannot understand simple things and are just plain hard to teach anything. I wonder how birds feel about that because if I were a bird, especially, a crow, I’d be insulted.

This is because we discovered that crows may be the ultimate problem solvers of all time. In this video we found, Dr. Alex Taylor set up a a difficult problem solving task for a crow. This is the final test of the bird after undergoing months of analytical training. Although, the animal was well thought, the researcher still did not expect the bird to fare greatly!

Watch the video here:

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Now, do you think crows are better thinkers than most people you know? Ha! It is really amazing to think that such an animal could solve a tricky puzzle without breaking a sweat! Very intelligent! Now, that makes us wonder how intelligent other animals are too…

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