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Instagram Model Asks Doctor To Prove Her Famous Butt Is Real





Some go to great lengths to prove something is legit. In the case of Daisy Keech, this includes getting a certified opinion about the authenticity of her butt.

You see, the Instagram model is famously known for her envious physique, most especially her backside. However, some people believe that she went under the knife to achieve her body. Unlike other social media stars who just ignore these kinds of comments, Daisy refused to turn the other cheek – no pun intended – and called in a plastic surgeon to prove her bum is real.

The 19-year-old had a lot of followers who were not convinced that her butt is real. She said she got tired of being accused as fake so she went to a “renowned” plastic surgeon to prove it.

Sharing a video of herself in her underwear and cropped top with the doctor examining her butt, she wrote:

“Making history w/@drghavami. Thank you to world-renowned expert Dr. Ghavami for helping me show my followers that my booty is REAL and for being the first certified real booty! #CertifiedRealBooty.”

In the clip, the doctor described the influencer as naturally athletic and as someone who has a “genetically blessed body.” He went on to disprove her haters, saying her buttocks are indeed real.

Dr. Ghavami explained that Daisy’s shape can be accounted for by her youth and the fact that she hasn’t had children.

He shared that he doesn’t see any skin changes on the young lady’s buttocks, which means that she didn’t have anything artificial injected in that area. The doctor noted that the main reason for Daisy’s “firm” and “good volume” behind is because of her age.

Daisy is an online fitness influencer and model, who has more than one million followers on Instagram.

Watch the video here:

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