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2-Week-Old Child Abandoned by Parents Due to a Rare, ‘Wrinkly’, Skin Condition.





Every expectant mother hopes nothing more than to safely deliver a healthy baby.  It’s a precious and exciting moment a mother looks forward to—to finally see and hear her child for the very first time.

But Mamata Dode’s reaction was different when she gave birth to her baby daughter.

Her baby girl was born prematurely and she weighs only 800 grams. Furthermore, the infant looked quite unusual.

The 2-week-old baby has a rare skin disorder that makes her appear “wrinkly”.
Photo credit: Online Peeps

News about the newborn’s condition spread like wildfire in their village in Maharashtra, western India. Some were curious to see the baby while others ran away in fear. Some of the villagers refused to touch her out of fear of contracting whatever condition the innocent baby has.

Embarrassed by the villagers’ reactions,  the 25-year-old mom abandoned her baby. Mamata’s husband, Ajay, also 25, refused to accept the child.

Fortunately, the heavens are looking out for this special baby.  Her paternal grandfather, 50-year-old Dilip Dode, cared for the infant despite her condition.

He could only afford to feed her goat’s milk, but he said he’d do anything to save her.


He said,” It’s not her fault to have been born different and I will not throw her for her disease.”

According to Mr. Dode, the couple was expecting to have a healthy child like their eldest daughter, 3-year-old Payal. They didn’t expect their newborn to have such condition since everything was normal during Mamata’s prenatal checkups.

Mr. Dode sought medical attention for his granddaughter in Wadia Hospital in Mumbai.


He was grateful for the way the hospital administrators responded to the needs of the child.


Photo credit: Metro

In fact, they were given free medical services and they have arranged a place in the premises for Mr. Dode to stay in.

The hospital’s CEO, Minnie Bodhanwala said that the child is severely dehydrated.


Photo credit: Shariq Allaqaband

She said that she requires immediate medical attention. Bodhanwala also suspects that the child has intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR) and some form of chromosomal abnormality. However, the doctors are still waiting for the laboratory results to make an accurate diagnosis and start the appropriate treatment.

The child’s medical expenses may reach up to ₹500,000 (Rupees) or £5,000; Wadia Hospital agreed to meet the cost.

They expect the baby to remain in the hospital for a long time.


Photo credit: Shariq Allaqaband

Thanks to the baby’s loving grandfather and all the staff at Wadia, the little angel is now in the good hands of the people who understand, accept, and love her unconditionally.

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H/T: Wereblog, Rachfeed, Mirror

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