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Indonesian Teens Get High on Drinking Water from Boiling Sanitary Pads






Some people will go to great lengths just to get a buzz on. In fact, it seems that no matter how gross or outright disgusting a practice is, there are people out there who will still give it a go if it presents even the slightest chance of getting high.

Just take some of these Indonesian teens, for example. Apparently, they have found a bizarre way to get high. Their drug of choice? Sanitary pads! Yes, you read that right. Pads that women use during their menstrual period.

Authorities have arrested a number of Indonesian teenagers for using menstrual pads to get high. Vice, Adj. Sr. Comr. Suprinarto, the head of the Central Java branch of the National Drug Agency (BNN), said some teens — mostly between the ages of 13 and 16 — have been boiling both new and used sanitary napkins in an effort to distill and ingest the chemicals inside the products.

A 14-year-old even admitted to police that he and his friends drink the concoction “morning, afternoon, and evening.”

BNN said the chemicals in the sanitary pads give those who drink the concoction a feeling of “flying” and hallucinations.

A Member of the Indonesian Child Protection Commision (KPAI), Sitty Hikmawatty said that the young ones discovered this cheap way to get high because they couldn’t afford to buy drugs or alcohol.

She added that these kids are getting more creative, especially with the existence of the Internet that allows them to discover such things. They even try and add several other variants inside this new “drug” to make it more effective.

This trial and error stage is highly harmful as these teens add several substances, some are possibly dangerous to mix, to reach the final form of the DIY drug.

The Indonesian Ministry of Health is investigating this matter.

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