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Indian Parents Dump Newborn Baby in a Bin and Gets Eaten by Ants Alive

Babies are to be treated with care and utmost love because they definitely deserve that. After all, they’re innocent little angels. Sadly, not everyone in this world value babies.

Case in point, a newborn was found covered with ants in central India. She was believed to have been abandoned by her parents. Authorities in Bhopal, India said that someone discovered the infant after hearing cries from a trash container.

It turned out that the baby was dumped there.

A local businessperson by the name of Dheeraj Rathore was quoted saying,

I was passing by the bin when I heard the cries of a baby. I was shocked to see an infant’s head sticking out of a red polybag in a garbage vat among the bushes. Ants were all over her head and body.”

Rathore and several people helped clean off the poor baby as they all waited for the police to arrive. The baby was reportedly underweight, weighing only 3.5 pounds. Worse, she was still in critical condition at a local hospital. Add to this the fact that she had bruises all over the body, suggesting that her parents physically abused her.

Dheeraj was troubled by certain cries coming from the bin, the location where he found the newborn child.

Apparently, though, the authorities have yet to capture the parents. The police were also conducting an investigation as they hope to pinpoint the whereabouts of the mother and/or father.

The baby is alive, but she’s still in a critical condition.

This wasn’t the first case, though. In the past few years, there have been various reports of girls being buried alive by their parents in India. In a report from BBC, a father and an uncle were arrested after they tried to bury a girl alive in Pikhua, India. Fortunately, the graveyard caretaker was quick to notice and was able to rescue the victim.

There was also an eerie case involving an Indian woman’s in-laws allegedly pouring gas on a young girl. They even tried to set her on fire, as they thought she was pregnant.

Experts claim that there are at least millions of missing Indian girls. Some of them were victims of sex-selection abortions, while others underwent infanticide. Culturally, they’re usually viewed as financial burdens. Remember that in India, women are to pay for dowries and perform other practices when getting married.

Dumping and/or burying baby girls alive has become a norm in India.

Although the government have introduced ways to fight this inhumane activity, the number of victims are still rising.

In a recent India census, the data shows around 914 girls for every 1,000 boys under the age of 7 years old. Interestingly, this is considered the most balanced gender ratio in the entire world.

It holds true that discrimination against girls in the country has become a very alarming issue. In fact, it’s so disturbing that doctors are prohibited from announcing to the parents the sex of their unborn child. Despite this, the problem still occurs.

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