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India’s Heat Wave Is So Extreme This Woman Cooks Egg Omelet On The Floor


With the extreme heat wave sweeping across central and South India, one woman from the state of Telangana thought of a brilliant way to take advantage of it. What this innovative woman did was to cook some egg omelets under the scorching sun on the floor.

In this now viral video, the woman in blue can be seen boiling and frying eggs on the hot porch of her house – without using any fuel or stove.

Sounds unbelievable? Well, wait until you see the video below.

Watch the video here:
Because of extreme heat wave, this woman from Telangana, India cooks egg omelets on her floor.

india woman cooks omellete in floor

Source: Via YouTube

Seriously though, I doubt those eggs are safe from bacteria. I mean they’ve been cooked on the floor, right? I hope she’s just doing it to prove a point and that she won’t be serving the omelet to her family.

Anyway, some news sources say that temperatures are over 45 degrees in some parts of India. In an article published by Deccan Chronicle, it has been said that some people have gone as far as carrying onions in their pockets to keep their bodies cool.

The article reads:

β€œIt is believed that onions will help stabilize body temperatures and protect one from sunstroke. And thanks to a fall in onion prices, believers are now buying the vegetable in kilos while moving about outside during the day.”

So far, Telangana has lost 35 lives because of the bad heat wave. This has led the government to issue alerts so that districts will take precautionary measures to minimize the heat wave’s impact.

Stay hydrated, everyone! No one wants to die because of heatstroke.

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