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Husband Scolds Wife For Wasting Salary On Buying Luxury Bag

“Suddenly, I felt like I didn’t know my wife anymore."

Women and shopping will always have a special bond. The former will turn to the latter when they’re happy, sad, stressed out, or still have space in their closet.

However, this habit could sometimes ruin relationships, especially when their partner feel that it’s being done too much. Just take this one man from Hangzhou, China, for example. He always believed that his wife of five years was a simple, non-materialistic woman, but then he discovered that she spent four months of her salary to purchase a very expensive designer handbag.

Lin Hai shared that he and his wife had a simple wedding. With that said, he believed that the woman he married was not into material things. However, things changed when a package arrived for his wife, and inside it was a luxury handbag.

The wife admitted that she asked someone to buy it for her, and she paid that person almost four months worth of her salary.

Lin Hai said:

“Suddenly, I felt like I didn’t know my wife anymore. I can’t believe that she would spend four months of her salary just to buy a bag which makes her no different from those materialistic women. Even though I earn more now compared to last time, we are not rich at all!”

He said that his wife was earning 4,000 RMB (approx US$ 600.00) a month, so carrying a 20,000 RMB (approx US$ 3,000.00) handbag doesn’t make sense to him. He then warned his wife to not spend money like this ever again.

The wife then defended her expensive purchase:

“I don’t understand. I used my own money to buy the first luxury item in my life. How is this a problem?”

She said that she would not buy any other luxury items because her husband is against it. The wife then noted that despite buying an expensive bag, she would still help her husband with the house bills.

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