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Woman Turns Up At Her Own Funeral, Surprises Her Husband Who Paid To Kill Her

“Surprise! I am alive.” A woman crashes her own funeral to her husband a lesson.

Life played a difficult game with Noela Rukundo that made her think twice about the true meaning of love. She was abducted and was nearly killed only to find out that her husband was behind all of it. Noela got some luck though and survived the plot her husband set up. Later, she showed up to her own funeral to expose her estranged lover’s evil plan against her.

Noela is an African mother to eight kids and she left her home country of Burundi in 2004. She then fled to Australia as a refugee. There she met another refugee, Balenga Kalala, whom she eventually married. They enjoyed a good relationship together for a long time, but in January 2015, the romance ended in a savage way.

A woman never expected that her own husband will be behind a murder plot against her.

The African woman then had to return to Burundi for her stepmother’s funeral. One day, she received a phone call from her husband while she was in her hotel room. He told Noela to step outside for some fresh air, but when she did, a man head toward her and abducted her.

The kidnapper had a gun pointed at her which he used to threaten her not to scream. She was then taken to a remote place where she was tied to a chair. Noela recalled how terrified she was that time, but her kidnappers seemed to have some frustration with the situation themselves. They then asked her what she did to the man who hired them that he was so angry, he wanted to have her killed.

Noela was puzzled about their question and told them that she didn’t know what they were talking about. To her great shock, the men then revealed that it was her husband who paid them. Hard to believe what the men were telling, the kidnappers called the person and Noela recognized her husband’s voice.

Noela was as puzzled as her kidnappers on what she did to her husband that made him want to get rid of her.

“Kill her,” Balenga told his men from the other end of the phone. Naturally, Noela was heartbroken with what’s happening but she was also scared for her life.
Noela was held captive for two days before the kidnappers decided to let her go. Apparently, the men do not do jobs against women and children so they let her escape. They faked the death of Noela and told Balenga where the woman’s body was supposedly dumped.

Back in Australia, Noela’s funeral was being held. But just when Balegna thought he had gotten away with his plot, her supposedly dead wife showed up.

The man was shocked to see Noela at her own funeral, and even touched her to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating. That was when he realized that Noela was, in fact, alive so he begged for her forgiveness. However, Noela already knew better.

The motive of Balenga to kill his wife wasn’t mentioned, but he apparently apologized when Noela caught her in his plans.

After the funeral, Noela called the police to report an attempted murder. Her husband was arrested but denied the charges. Unfortunately, the kidnappers’ recorded their phone calls with Balenga and gave them to the police as well as other details about the murder plot. As these were enough evidence to prove Balenga’s guilt, he was sentenced to nine years in prison for incitement to murder.

As for Noela, life had to go on, she decided to put her bitter past behind her and focus on the future instead. She told in an interview:

“I will stand up like a strong woman.”


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