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Husband Brutally Chops Wife Into Pieces, Eats Her Brain

He peeled off her face to find out “who was hiding behind the mask.”

QUEZON CITY, PHILIPPINES – Orlando and Hiede Estrera have been together as a married couple for 16 years. Their love story, however, took a very tragic and bloody turn when the husband butchered his wife, mutilated her body into pieces, and threw her body parts outside their house – much to the shock and surprise of their neighbors in Brgy. Holy Spirit, Quezon City.

The reason behind the gruesome crime? The 43-year-old man claims his wife is the devil and could’ve been carrying Satan’s baby in her womb.

“I killed her to save all of us because she was Satan,” Orlando said.

During a press conference, Chief Supt. Guillermo Eleazar, QCPD director, told reporters that the 46-year-old wife was lying on her stomach, asking her husband for a massage when Orlando suddenly saw her as a goat so he strangled her.

The suspect claimed that he did not hear a woman’s voice begging for help but instead he heard his wife making animal noises similar to a goat. After strangling her, he started peeling off her face to see “who was hiding under the mask.”

Then he gouged out her eyes and after smashing her head with a hammer, he ate her brains as if it was a creamy soup.

Next, Orlando carefully opened his wife’s belly using a 30-centimeter-long kitchen knife, to check her uterus if there is a fetus inside.

Apparently, he was furious that his wife, who was suffering from myoma, couldn’t gave him a child in their 16 years of marriage. That’s why he decided to check her uterus if she indeed has no capacity to bear a child.

The man showed no remorse about murdering his 46-year-old wife.

After he chopped off her head, Orlando mutilated his wife’s breasts, arms and legs. He shoved one of the legs inside her body, the other one deep into her sex organ.

During an interview at the QCPD headquarters in Camp Karingal, Orlando told reporters that he had no regrets killing his wife because she was the devil and could have been carrying in her womb the spawn of Satan.

“She was a nuisance to me because she was Satan. She told me herself that she was Satan.”

Orlando even proudly narrated how he “slaughtered” his wife.

Source: Inquirer

According to Orlando, he just came out from their bathroom when he saw his wife lying face down asking for a massage.

“I realized that the person I am living with is Satan. So, I checked who is that person under the mask,” Orlando told reporters.

Orlando admitted he chopped his wife’s head and sucked her brain “so she can no longer harm other people.”

As stated in the police report, a 13-year-old child playing near the Estrera’s house saw Orlando soaked in blood and throwing out clothes and his wife’s mutilated body, including a severed hand, outside their house. The boy hurriedly ran away and told their neighbors who in turn called the police.

When the authorities arrived, Orlando was found inside the house wearing a bloodied shirt with brain bits still on his hair and flesh all over his face.

Orlando was immediately arrested after neighbors reported the incident.

Source: ABS-CBN

Chief Superintendent Guillermo Eleazar, Director of the Quezon City Police District, said:

“He didn’t display any remorse or regret. He is a danger to society and should not be out in public.”

According to Eleazar, the suspect didn’t mention anything about Satan when they initially talked, saying it was his hatred that led him to kill his “nagger” wife. He admitted they often argued about not having children, despite 16 years of marriage.

Orlando also admitted he hated how he was constantly overpowered by his wife, and how he was not being appreciated by her.

An initial drug test conducted by the QCPD Criminal Investigation Detection Unit showed Orlando negative of any drugs, although he admitted using crystal meth (locally known as “shabu”) way back in 2002. And he was not on any drug watchlist.

The couple moved to Metro Manila two years ago from Davao Oriental and were both working as maintenance personnel at the Sisters of Mount Carmel Catholic School in Fairview, Quezon City.

Investigators found out that Orlando worked before as a meat butcher which apparently explained the manner by which he murdered his wife.

Meanwhile, neighbors said they were shocked with the crime since they always saw the sweet couple holding each other’s hands. They didn’t also hear anything at the time of the incident and said the two seldom argue.

Orlando is now facing charges of parricide.

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