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How to Make a Harmless Humane Mousetrap That Will Catch Rodents

You can create a non-lethal mousetrap using things that are easily available at the hardware.

Faye Williams





Nobody welcomes a mouse or a whole family of mice inside the house. Rodents are known to be the carriers of diseases such as salmonellosis and leptospirosis. Thus, homeowners resort to all sorts of ways to get rid of rodents. For example, there’s a whole array of poisonous substances formulated for rodents. Plus there are also a bunch of gadgets to help control or get rid of mice. Then, of course, there’s the old school mousetrap.

While the mousetrap is considered an efficient contraption, some people don’t like it. Apparently, these people can’t stand the thought of killing any animal — even if it threatens their health. Perhaps, that’s just how they want to do things?

That said, there are now some mousetraps that promise to catch a mouse without harming it. In fact, Andrew Moseman of Popular Mechanics recently wrote about a contraption that was put together by a Chris Notap. The contraption’s creator refers to it as “a simple humane pipe mousetrap.” Notap believes that anyone can make the device.

Here’s what you need to make a humane pipe mousetrap.

1. A solid base.

2. A specific pipe.

3. A plastic cap.

4. The cap to seal off the pipe.

5. Stainless steel paper clips.

6. Metal screws.

7. Zinc-plated steel flat washers.

8. Zinc-plated stainless steel hinges.

9. Any pen whose ink reservoir can be taken out.

It doesn’t quite make sense yet when you look at all these hardware items individually. However, there’s no doubt you’ll be in awe when you find out how they come together.

Watch this video showing how to build the humane pipe mousetrap.

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Just a reminder: If you’re going to release the captured mice out in the open, make sure they have no way of going back to your house. Moreover, make sure they can’t easily move on to another house.

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