Dog Tags, Turtle Shells, And Spark Plug Discovered Inside Massive Alligator’s Stomach

The owner even managed to contact one of the numbers on the dog tag.

  • A massive “12’ long 445 lb” alligator has been killed and removed from a private property.
  • The animal was later brought to Cordray’s Processing and Taxidermy where it was discovered that it had many random items inside it’s body.
  • Dog tags, turtle shells, and a spark plug, among others, were found in the gator’s stomach.
  • Kenneth Cordray even managed to contact the phone number on one of the dog tags who told him it was from 24 years ago.

A huge alligator has recently been killed and removed from a private property and then brougt to South Carolina taxidermist Cordray’s. Much to their surprise, numerous items were eventually found inside the animal’s stomach – such as dog tags, turtle shells , and a spark plug.

In a post on their official Facebook page, Cordray’s Processing and Taxidermy shared about the bizarre discovery where it later attracted a lot of attention from curious netizens.

We read:

“Ned McNeely brought in this 12’ long 445 lb. private land gator this morning! We don’t usually open up the stomach but we did today. 5 dog tags, 1 bullet jacket, 1 spark plug, loads of turtle shells, and several bobcat claws were inside.”

The post also continued:

“Two of the tags were legible and one phone number still worked. The owner said he had that lease 24 years ago and those were from his deer dogs. Pretty interesting.”

As Cordray’s owner Kenneth Cordray further shared, he got in touch with one of the phone numbers indicated on the dog tag. And he got to speak with someone.

“I talked to [the owner of the dog it belonged to] and he was an older gentleman and he said that he had a lease down on the other side of the river from where the gator was killed, 24 years ago,” he said.

As of this writing, the Facebook post dated April 9 has gained more than 30,000 shares and almost 3,000 comments.

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