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Guy Demonstrates How To Open Sliding Chain Lock Using Tape and Rubber Band

I got to change my lock!

Mark Andrew





First off, I got to admit that I’m a huge fan of sliding chain locks. I have them at home and I think they’re pretty awesome. In comparison with the usual padlocks, I think these chain locks are much safer to use.

After seeing this video, however, I’m starting to think twice about how secure these locks are in the first place. In the short demonstration below, you will see that all it takes to unlock these things are a piece of tape and one rubber band.

I first saw this clip on Facebook, as shared by the Being Woman page, and I thought it’s actually a bit alarming.

Sure, this can be helpful in some instances (such as when you’ve been locked out of an apartment and it’s impossible to wake your buddy up) but it’s also quite scary to think that unlocking a sliding lock is THAT easy.

What if someone does this to your house, right?

Watch the video here and see for yourself:

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The video has gained a lot of views on social media and netizens left mixed reactions about it with some feeling alarmed while others refused to take the video too seriously.

For example, one Russell Mtz wrote:

“You guys havent even notice that the guy could just simple use his hand to reach the lock. Cuz that chain is too long! My door chain does not even let you fit your hand!”

Timmy Allison, on the other hand, commented:

“If I saw that I’d wait for his arm to be completely inside an kick that door as hard as I can after that when he’s crying because of his arm walk out an beat the sh*t out if him.”

Meanwhile, Tyche Tyson thinks it’s dangerous to share this type of video in public.

“You just showed predictors how to possibly get into women homes.”

Personally though, I think it’s a good thing that I saw this. It just means I need to either change my locks or add more to it.

Knowledge is good, folks, if you use it for your advantage and protection.

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