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How Seniors Can Enhance Quality of Life in 5 Vital Steps





It is undeniably true that as we age our body system starts to deteriorate and our functions tend to slow down, sickness starts to kick in despite the fact that the average life expectancy of people begin to inflate especially for those who are residing in developed countries. There are ways to be more prepared for retirement and older age; here are 5 vital approaches that can enhance the seniors’ quality of life.

#1. Remember You Are What You Eat

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It is essential to pay attention to what we eat as it reflects in our own body. Calories taken must be lessen and food high in soluble fiber should be increased for it will help the regularity of the body by keeping the intestines away from toxins. Be mindful of fats and processed sugars because high intakes of these are not good for the body. There are a lot of sayings about food, example “Eat your vegetables or you don’t get dessert. You can’t go strong and healthy without them. You are what you eat.” Although these lines are often heard or may sound odd at times, it is definitely right and must be noted.

#2. Keep a Vigorous Social Living

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Sitting at home all day will make your days idle. It could possibly make you feel less productive and would make you recall your younger days, when you were still actively spending your time. You can maintain a vigorous social lifestyle even if some of your friends are not around anymore because there are many elderly whom you can share your interests with. There are various centers and communities that cater programs for aged people where you can meet new friends, sit down and talk, walk with them, play games, do art, relax while sharing stories and carry out many more activities together. Don’t let yourself lament over your active social life in the past, maintain a vigorous social life now. Be dynamic!

#3. Restore Your Sexuality

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Aging can be a reason many married couples becomes sexually inactive because it normally changes men and women physiologically and this includes sexual performance. Men may experience erectile dysfunction, this at times dampen their spirits which leads to not addressing the dilemma. The effect of this may also dishearten the women as they yearn for a cherished connection but fails to receive it. Having this problem, both aged men and women might feel that they have no satisfying sex life and no longer have the delight to feel connected. Innovative P-Shot is one of the advanced treatments offered by David Ghozland, M.D,. Inc. in California as treatment for impotence. It is not too late to renew the sexual wants and needs of each other. Enjoy your senior years!

#4. Continue Learning, Gain more Knowledge


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Dementia is common for old people. To prevent memory loss and difficulty of thinking, it is advisable to keep on reading to maintain the neurons actively working. There are a lot of studies and researches that suggest participating in a mentally challenging activities as it can slow down cognitive decline. Don’t let yourself be mentally unoccupied. There’s a research that says intellectual activities especially reading makes our minds more aware. Continue learning, gain more knowledge since this is vital for brain health.

#5. Build an Exercise Habit

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Regular exercise can improve your quality of life in so many ways. You need a well body to feel healthy and dynamic. Choose an exercise that is fit for your age, your capacity and what you are most comfortable doing, a regular exercise can be as energetic as ballroom dancing, aerobic class, water exercise or as simple as brisk walking. You don’t have to do backbreaking activities because it may worsen your health, just remember to choose a program that will keep your mind, heart and body in shape and healthy; that is your goal.

Aging must not hinder your happiness, capabilities, desires and interests. Try your best to stay healthy and active by working on these five areas keenly as this will improve the quality of life. Don’t let time and changes seize you instead revive the younger years inside you and live a more fulfilling time. It requires persistence and hard work but it will definitely make you feel younger!

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