Homeless Couple Gets Gorgeous Wedding Makeover After 24 Years of Being Together

They are proof that love survives even in the face of difficulties!

  • A homeless couple have been living together for 24 years but have never been able to afford a wedding.
  • Their love story has moved some kind-hearted individuals who decided that the couple should get the wedding of their dreams.
  • The couple have gone through an amazing makeover in preparation for their church wedding.

Most people make a big deal out of weddings. After all, it is a ceremony that symbolizes the union of two people who want to live together for the rest of their lives. However, it’s also a luxury that homeless people can’t afford.

This is the case for Rosalyn Ferrer and Rommel Basco who live on the streets of Pampanga in the Philippines. Although they have been together for 24 years, the couple could not afford the wedding of their dreams.

Rommel and Rosalyn have lived a rough life. Although they have 6 children, they can barely get enough to eat on a regular basis. The couple earn a living by collecting garbage to sell as scrap, and it is only enough for their daily food intake.

Sadly, that means the homeless couple can’t afford the other luxuries in life and that includes a grand wedding. However, that all changed when Richard Strandz learned about their story.

Strandz was inspired by how the homeless couple has managed to stay together despite their rough life. When he learned they can’t afford a wedding, Strandz decided to enlist a few friends to help Rommel and Rosalyn get a makeover.

Not surprisingly, the couple was thrilled when they found out about Strandz’s surprise for them. They happily agreed to do a photoshoot that still paid tribute to the streets where their love story had blossomed.

For now, Rommel and Rosalyn have not yet been officially married. However, Strandz and his friends are helping the homeless couple accomplish the necessary paperwork for a church wedding. Nevertheless, the gorgeous images from their surprise photoshoot confirms that love can persevere in the face of poverty.

The photoshoot images were shared by Rab4Love Studios, a wedding photographer based in Pampanga, Philippines. You can see more of the stunning photos here.

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