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Home Hacks: 9 Surprising Ways You Can Use Your Dishwasher





Cooking isn’t particularly my strong suit. That’s why I’m usually more than happy to let my wife do her thing in the kitchen. She’s a pretty decent cook and comes up with good stuff so I really wouldn’t want to ruin that.

As for me, I often take charge of the dishes and utensils, making sure that they are as squeaky clean as possible and ready to use for the next meal time.

Thanks to modern technology, the manual task of physically washing unclean dishes has become much easier. All you have to do is to load the plates, bowls, cups, and everything else on the appliance, and then wait for a few minutes.

Perhaps unknown to some, the dishwasher is actually not limited to its main function. The appliance can do more than keep your kitchenware clean.

Apparently, dishwashers can be used even for cooking.

dishwasher 1

Source: DesignMom

Surprisingly, the dishwasher has a wide range of uses from sterilizing your make up brushes, washing your baseball cap (without warping its original shape), getting rid of germs on your sponge, and even cooking salmon.

Yes, you read that right. You can use the appliance for cooking – and for many other purposes.

Sounds unbelievable? Well, check out Yumi Sakugawa’s illustrated infographic below and see for yourself!

More Than Just Dishes: 9 Unexpected Ways To Use Your Dishwasher

home hacks dishwasher

The amazing dishwasher just became a whole lot more useful than it already is. Go try these home hacks and make your life much easier!

H/T: WonderHowTo

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