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The 27 Most Gruesome Torture Techniques in the History of Mankind

Thank goodness we don’t live in those ages anymore!

#11. Hanged, Drawn, and Quartered


People convicted of treason in England during the Medieval times are hanged, drawn, and quartered, although the practice was abolished in 1814. The victim is dragged in a hurdle (i.e. wooden frame) to the site of execution. Then the victim will be hanged for a short period of time (HANGED), but the executioner won’t allow them to die. Then they will be gutted and castrated; their innards and genitalia will be burned right in front of them (DRAWN). And lastly, the victim will be dismembered and beheaded (QUARTERED).

#12. Saw Torture


The victims are hung upside down to let the blood rush through their heads and allow them to remain conscious during the torture. The executioners will then saw the victim’s body in half—usually up to the abdomen only to prolong their torment.

#13. Republican Marriage


This technique was used by Jean-Baptiste Carrier during the French Revolution. Men and women—usually priests and nuns—were stripped naked, bound together, and thrown down an icy lake to drown. They would be run through with swords and bayonnets when water was unavailable.

14. The Breaking Wheel or the Catherine Wheel


The victim’s limbs are tied to the spokes of a revolving wheel. The executioner would then simultaneously use an iron hammer to crush the victim’s bones. The individual will be left there to die, or in some cases, they’d put the victims on a tall pole and wait for the birds to eat their flesh. Sometimes, the coups de grace (blow of mercy) is employed to put an end to the victim’s suffering. This entails a strong, fatal blow on the victim’s chest or stomach.

#15. Spanish Donkey


The naked victim is put astride on a wooden board with a sharp V-wedge on top. Varying weights are placed on the victims feet until the wedge slices through the victim’s body. (Continue reading next page…)

#16. Rat Torture


A cage is strapped against the victim’s body. The side proximal to the unfortunate victim is left open. The executioner would then put large rats and trap them inside. Then a heating element would be placed on the side or on top of the cage to provoke the rats to burrow through the victim’s body.

#17. Chair of Torture or Judas’ Chair


Used in the dungeons during the Middle Ages and until the 1800s in Europe, this chair consisted of 500-1,500 layers of spikes on every side, with straps to restrain the victim. It also contained spaces for heating elements. This device was used to scare people into confessing as they witness others suffer the torture.

#18. Cement Shoes


Traditionally used by the American Mafia, they usually employ this type of punishment on their enemies, traitors, and on spies. They place cinder blocks on the victim’s feet and fill them up with wet cement. Once it hardens, the victim will be thrown alive in a river or a deep body of water.

#19. Breast Ripper


A torture device specifically designed for women, the claws are heated first before the executioner pierces the woman’s exposed breast. Then, they’d pull or tug the device so large chunks of flesh would be ripped from the victim.

#20. Crocodile Shears


This method was commonly used in people who attempted to assassinate the king. The crocodile shear is heated before it is used to clamp and tear off the person’s appendages.


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