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Naked Artist Hangs Self From Tree for an Art Project, End Up Stuck for Hours!

Nude artists stuck from a tree for hours in an attempt to create an artistic video project.

Artists are by nature, eccentric, unique and truly one-of-a-kind. They have their own ways of expressing themselves in ways majority of the public would not easily understand. We wonder how projects in art classes would be like that. We hope not all are as awry as this one.

Meet artist Hilde Krohn Huse. She is originally from Norway but has been living in London since she was a young child. For a video project for her art class, the 26-year-old woman decided set up a piece of rope art to a tree in the middle of the woods in Norway.

She then rolled the tape and a naked Huse suddenly flashed into the screen. She started hanging her feet to the knotted parts of the rope and made all sorts of poses. Throughout the video, it was obvious that she had difficulties removing her right foot from one of the knotted ends; nonetheless, she continued with her project. But when the video reached the 8:21 mark, she could not contain it anymore: she needed help and called for it. Luckily, one of her friends was within earshot and helped her get out of the mishap.

Watch the video here:

“The video ends when the camera shuts off, but I was there calling for help for another 30 minutes,” Huse recalled. “I felt sick when I saw the video for the first time, I experienced everything anew. But I slept on it and realized that the video is quite decent.”

Now, this video project was chosen to be a part of the famed Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhibition, where works of top fine arts graduates in the UK would be presented.

Lucky break or truly meaningful work of art?

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Credits: Hilde Krohn Huse via Observer


Creative Photographer Mashes Photos Together For Hilarious Results

Believe it or not, these surreal photos are NOT Photoshop creations.

Believe it or not, the images below are not Photoshopped - it’s all really a product of pure brilliance, talent, and wild imagination.

Yes, none of these photos have been manipulated using a graphic-editing software. In fact, giving it a closer look will reveal that these pieces are actually made of two images.

Stephen McMennamy, an art director, created all these unique works of art. What he did was to take two pictures and then put them up together to produce stunning results. He called it the #ComboPhotos project....

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Wood Carver Transformed a 40-feet Tree Trunk into an Intricate Work Of Art.

We thought it was nothing special from afar, but when we took a closer look, we were blown away!

Being an artist does not have limits. Creativity is something that comes from within and when one is inspired, the natural juices of art transpires naturally. More than gifted hands, we believe that wonderful masterpieces are products of enthusiastic hearts and resonating souls. Albert Einstein once said, "True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist." I think this explains how artist Zheng Chunhui was able to create this beautiful work of art from an old tree trunk. We were surprised to know that a person can possess such intricate talent!

This single tree trunk may look plain and simple from afar.


But wait until you see the details up close.


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These Short Comics Depict Life From Then and Now. #6 Is Hilariously True!

The only constant thing in this world is change. And as much as we beg to disagree, not all changes are effective. But the true question is, how will you adapt to these changes.

Time indeed flies on wings of lightning!

As an adult, you probably look back on your life sometimes, wondering where have all the years gone. For this blog post, we will share with you several things that will definitely make you remember how life used to be - and how gaining age has changed most of us. Also, it's interesting to note how advances in modern technology personally have made a huge impact (and great interruptions) in our daily lives.

Scroll down and you'll see what we mean: ...

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