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30 Vehicle Ads That Turned Out To Be Hilarious Epic Fails

Mark Andrew





When done right, advertisements on vehicles can be an effective tool to market your brand or spread awareness about your cause. One obvious advantage of it when compared to a traditional, say, billboard is that your ad isn’t stuck in one place. You will be able to reach more people with it, especially if the vehicle travels constantly.

However, the potential embarrassment can also great if the design wasn’t exactly given a lot of thought. Case in point, the vehicle ads you will see in this compilation have become memorable but in very hilarious ways. The designers obviously made huge mistakes in these ads.

Sure, the error may be purely unintentional but that’s probably what makes it funny.

Go scroll down below and see for yourself.

#1. So Starbucks sucks?

#2. That’s a really interesting motto.

Source: Reddit
#3. Nice ad right there… Wait, what?!

Source: Reddit
#4. Communist Church. Nuff said!

#5. Now we know why the passenger’ faces had to be blurred.

#6. No wonder the back door is wide open!

Source: Imgur
#7. It’s short for PenDennis.

Source: Imgur
#8. This Habitat For Humanity van is an epic fail.

Source: Reddit
#9. Can it fit in the toilet? Probably not because it’s an…

Source: Imgur
#10. Whoever that guy is, I’m sure he doesn’t feel good about this ad.

Source: Reddit
#11. Mike Is Hard

Source: Reddit
#12. “I love rainbows so much I get…

Source: Reddit
#13. He looks really creepy!

Source: Imgur
#14. When your pizza delivery car advertises something else…

#15. I don’t even wanna ask what happens inside that bus.

Source: Reddit
#16. This one, too!

Source: Reddit
#17. Real mates, huh?

#18. What an interesting combination.

#19. Not gonna lie, yours actually looks like a…

Source: Imgur
#20. No thanks but I’m not eating that.

#21. “Manus”

#22. Experience the D

#23. “Omy Ass”

Source: Reddit
#24. Hey wait… That doesn’t sound right.

Source: Reddit
#25. Man Hogs.

#26. WTF!

Source: Reddit
#27. People laugh everytime they open their van’s door. Now they know why!

Source: Reddit
#28. Truly an epic fail.

Source: Reddit
#29. Insert facepalm here.

Source: Reddit
#30. Last but not the least, allow us to introduce you to the…

Found this hilarious? Go tell us which one is your favorite in the comment section below.

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