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Hilarious ‘Tourists Vs. Animals’ Encounters Captured in Photos

Take a selfie with an animal, they said. It would be fun, they said.

Animals are adorable creatures. That’s why whenever we visit zoos or safaris, we couldn’t help but curiously watch them and take Instagram-worthy pictures.

But sometimes, animals can get too territorial, aggressive or just plain curious about people that they couldn’t help but stray too close. If this happens to you, do you duck, dive and take cover?

This collection of pictures from all over the internet shows wild animals outwitting and terrorizing oblivious human beings. Although were pretty sure some of these people were greatly horrified by their too close for comfort encounter with some animals, we couldn’t help but burst out laughing at the perfectly-timed photos and the hilarious reactions captured on them.

#1. This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘small but terrible.’

#2. Don’t be fooled by its cuteness. This vengeful calf wants to taste human handburger.

#3. Seal: “If I blocked this airway, would he die?!”

Source: Imgur
#4. It looks like this cheetah’s sizing up possible dinner.

#5. At least this tourist is aware he is being considered for dinner.

#6. Don’t be fooled by the daintiness of this swan, it could suddenly turn aggressive on you.

#7. Sure this baby elephant is playfully cute, but it probably weighs far more than her.

Source: Imgur
#8. This ostrich looks like it planned something sinister against the woman. Not sure which reaction is much funnier, though.

#9. A chase or a race? You decide.

Source: Imgur
#10. Looks straight out of a horror movie, “The Hamburger Strikes Back!”

#11. This cute, but daredevil raccoon wants to have a taste of his own adventure.

#12. Credits to this boy, though. We wouldn’t stand ten feet close to a spider that looks like that.

#13. Someone tell this dude that the monkey is not happy to see him.

#14. Who does it better? The llama or the tourist?

#15. Elephant: “Oh, I’m sorry! Your nose looks like a peanut!”

Source: FunnyPica
#16. This is what humans look like when there’s a mall sale.

Source: Imgur
#17. Group hug, everyone!

Source: Imgur

We learned two lessons here. First, we should respect the animal’s territory. Second, always get your camera ready to capture these hilarious moments!

Now check out this awesome guy who mastered the art of animal selfies.


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