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Husband Installs Hidden Cam, Catches Wife Attempting to Seduce the Repairman

A scantily-clad woman attempted to seduce a TV repairman, gets an unexpected reaction.

Faye Williams





There are some situations where a person is presented with an opportunity to do something that’s not necessarily admirable. There are instances when the presence of easily accessible temptation may cause a person to lose control and give in to the forbidden.

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That’s the kind of situation that one TV repairman was thrust into.

In a video that’s made the rounds on social media platforms, a TV repairman is shown dealing with a female client who is not quite dressed to face people.


Covering four minutes and 34 seconds, not much is known about the video, but according to some comments online, it was allegedly taken from a hidden camera installed by the woman’s husband who suspected his wife was having an affair. When the husband reviewed the footage, he was dumbfounded to see his wife wearing just a T-shirt and a thong while the TV repairman troubleshoots the unit. Instead of getting furious, the husband was alledgely amazed about the reaction of the repairman. Prompting him to post the video online.

The wife was calmly facing the TV repairman in her “inappropriate outfit.” It seems she was purposely letting the TV repairman get a look at her exposed body parts. We don’t know what the TV repairman must have been thinking, but he has definitely earned our admiration for his reaction to the woman’s desperate antics.

Watch the video:

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Some women who saw the video pointed out that there’s few men left in this world who can resist a tempting situation like the one in the video. Most men, even married ones, would probably jump to bed right away without having any second thoughts.

Kudos to the TV repairman, I think he deserves an award.

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