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Hidden Camera Footage Shows Naughty Wife Attempting to Seduce a TV Repairman

A scantily-clad woman attempted to seduce a TV repairman, gets an unexpected reaction.

There are some situations where a person is presented with an opportunity to do something that’s not necessarily admirable. There are instances when the presence of easily accessible temptation may cause a person to lose control and give in to the forbidden.

That’s the kind of situation that one TV repairman was thrust into.

In a video that’s made the rounds on social media platforms, a TV repairman is shown dealing with a female client who is not quite dressed to face people.


Covering four minutes and 34 seconds, the video clearly shows a woman who is just wearing a T-shirt and a thong. It’s not clear if the stress over her out-of-order TV set has caused her to forget to put on a pair of pants or shorts.

We see the woman calmly facing the TV repairman in her “inappropriate outfit.” It definitely seems like she’s comfortable with her skimpy getup. The woman looks like she is purposely letting the TV repairman get a look at her exposed body parts. We don’t know what the TV repairman must have been thinking, but he has definitely earned our admiration for his reaction to the woman’s desperate antics.

Watch the video:

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Despite what’s presented on the video, though, we want to think that the woman has just temporarily lost her good sense when she put on her “show” for the unsuspecting TV repairman. We don’t know if other men would have managed to do what he did in the awkward situation he was forced into.

While we feel that the TV repairman deserves an award, we also want to suggest that the woman should be more careful next time. If she’s just playing a prank, though, maybe she should quit it because not all men will remain gentlemen at the sight of a woman who is teasing them.



This 63-year-old Iraqi Sniper Claims He Has Taken Down 173 ISIS Jihadis

Don’t be fooled by the silver sniper’s age! Watch him in action.

When it comes to being warriors, no one is too young or too old, and 63-year-old Abu Tahseen is proof of that.

This Iraqi man has participated in five wars and has taken down ISIS fighters one by one with his sniper rifle. He had fought in Yom Kippur war, Invasion of Kuwait, the Gulf War, Iran-Iraq War, and now he is determined to wipe out ISIS.

Don’t be fooled by this senior assassin; nothing is slowing down this warrior and it seems that he is geared up for this fight against ISIS....

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These Craters On A Cliff May Be Fascinating, But They Have A Terrifying Story To Tell

These beautiful craters are remnants of a destructive past.

When viewed from above, Pointe du Hoc in Normandy, France looks like the surface of the moon, except that it’s green. These fascinating craters actually tell a story of war and destruction.

Located between two sections of a beach, codenamed Utah and Omaha, Pointe du Hoc served as an important heritage site along the beaches in Normandy where the D-Day Landings took place.

The cliff was fortified by the German military using gun pits and concrete casemates. On June 6, 1944, the United States Army Ranger Assault Group, headed by Lieutenant Colonel James Earl Rudder stormed the area to capture it. It was considered in history as one of the most challenging battles that took place during the Normandy Landings....

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Husband Sends His Wife Spreadsheets of All Her Excuses Whenever He Asks Her to Make Love

This is so hilarious!


They say that when a couple is having good relationship they are usually having a healthy sex life too, because sex brings the couple closer together.

Sex is a unique way of expressing intimacy, love and passion to your spouse at the same time it’s good for the health since it burns calories and increases heart rate. Sex is fun and it’s about connecting deeply without actually speaking. It can also improve self esteem because it helps to make you feel more feminine or masculine.

However, it’s not surprising that being exhausted is getting in the way of people having sex on a regular basis; taking care of the kids, running errands, doing chores and working all at the same time can be really so tiring and perhaps this is a real and big concern for many couples. ...

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