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Dedicated Pet Owner Builds ‘Dog Mahal’ For His Three Lucky Dogs





Dogs are more than just animals or pets, they are our true friends, saviors and protectors. No matter what happens, dog owners can surely count on their cuddly friends to do anything for them.

It is wonderful to hear stories of people appreciating their pets, not just by giving them treats, but by going the extra mile to ensure that they are well taken cared of and comfortable.

Take the owner of YouTube channel Highway 20 Productions as an example. According to him, their dogs do not have the best shelters. Hence, they decided to build a nice home for them, complete with heated interiors and all things that can make the dogs’ stay comfortable.

The owner named the house as “Dog Mahal.” Apparently, it was derived from “Taj Mahal” because the owner thinks their dogs deserve only the finest of things.

And by “fine,” the owner incorporated covered heater, a cedar bed, wooden deck and swinging doors for the dogs.

Unfortunately for one of the doggies – Jake – its stay was cut short because it died shortly after the house was finished.

Here is the video of the 23-hour doghouse construction, all squeezed in a 4-minute time lapse video.

Watch here:

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Awwww! Ain’t that the sweetest?

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