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He Forgot His iPhone So He Went Back Home. But What He Forgot Inside His Car? Heartbreaking!

In his hurry to get his iPhone back, he forgot all about his daughter in the backseat.


We go about our usual, daily routines like clockwork. Sometimes, as long as we know what we are supposed to do within the day, our bodies will perform those actions mindlessly- like a programmed sequence. Well, unless something unexpected happens that can interrupt the program and mess the pattern. When it happens, we often slip and lose our footing for a moment and wait until we can get back on track. And so, the day may still go on as planned…or maybe not.

For this man in the video, the day started like any other ordinary day. He woke up, checked his phone and left it charging as he went in to the shower. He dressed up and walked to the kitchen where his beautiful child and wife were. After breakfast, he got into his car as his wife settled their daughter in the back seat. On his way to work, he soon realized that he had forgotten his iPhone at home. He was worried that he would run late, and so for a moment there, he got disengaged. Still, he went back home to get his phone and rushed to the office, totally forgetting the child inside the car.

That particular moment cost him more than he could have imagined.

Watch the video:

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H/T: Ray Rays Pledge via SF Globe


He Films His Wife By The Beach But When She Turns Around… My Jaw Dropped!

Definitely brought me tears and a smile…

Women are used to doing most of the 'mushy' stuff like love letters, scrapbooks filled with photos, notes and memorabilia. We also want everything documented and recorded and we're very particular with important dates and events. Men, on the other hand are less likely to do these things but that doesn't make them less romantic and loving. They have their own ways--entirely different from ours but that make us love them more anyway just like this guy here.

Casey Neistat, a filmmaker honors his girlfriend, now wife Candice Pool with probably one of the sweetest documentaries ever. It features a short film of their love story for the past eight years. Random and raw moments were captured from their early years as a couple including their first date, Casey's proposal until the time that they got married.

The cutest part for me was Casey's honest admission of his mistakes saying he was sorry or Candice was right about something. He is fond of recording their moments together or Candice's on the beach and there's no other perfect way to end the film and reveal the couple's great surprise with Candice's beautiful shot by the beach showing her 'baby bump'--truly breathtaking.

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They Left These Abandoned Puppies With Prison Inmates. The Result? I Can’t Believe My Eyes!

This is what happens when convicted criminals meet abandoned puppies…

If you have a soft spot for dogs, you will definitely love this story.

In January this year, six puppies were abandoned and were left to die in a trash can in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. At the age of one week, the poor puppies are no match against the cold winter. Heartbreaking, right?

But thank heavens, the litter was rescued before they froze to death. Soon, these pups found themselves under the Paroled Pups Program in the South Dakota State Penitentiary. The inmates in the state penitentiary nurtured the pups and provided them with round-the-clock tender loving care.

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Here’s The Easiest Way to Know if a Person is a Liar… in Just 5 Seconds!

This innocent test is very simple yet effective…

There is a simple and surefire way to tell if a person is lying. While most people think that it takes science, emotions, and hardcore interpretative skills to know if a person is lying or not, apparently, it doesn't.

There is 59 second test that can help you tell if you are talking to a liar or not. How? Well, you just have to ask them to write a capital Q on their forehead while they are speaking of a probable lie. If he/ she asks, then just say "just for a simple test."

Find it absurd? Watch the video below:

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