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What Happens When You Dunk an iPhone 7 in the World’s Strongest Acid?

Those who love Apple products and hate to see them get destroyed, look away now!

YouTube user TechRax, known for experimenting and testing the durability limits of tech gadgets, has once again come up with a new test seeing which will last – the world’s strongest acid or the latest iPhone 7?

The video starts off with TechRax showing us his fully functional matte black iPhone 7 and a bag of what looks like wood chips. In fact, it holds a 100g vial of the world’s strongest acid: fluroantimonic acid.

Fluroantimonic acid has a pH level of -31, and as you know, the lower the pH level, the stronger the acidity. And if you’re familiar with the deadly sulfuric acid, fluroantimonic acid is more than a million times stronger than sulfuric acid!

TechRax then places the iPhone 7 face down in a glass container and starts to pour the acid, which is in a crystallized form with a bit of liquid mixed in. After pouring a couple of crystals of the acid on the iPhone 7, TechRax leaves the acid to do its work.

Some crystals on an iPhone 7. No biggie… Yet.

Source: YouTube/TechRax

When he comes back 12 hours later, the back case of the iPhone 7 has been partially dissolved.

Unsatisfied with the results, TechRax decides to pour in more crystals with a hefty dose of hydrogen peroxide (a strong base) just to see how the acid would react to the liquid.

This is when the fun starts! When you see the bubbles and steam coming out, but the iPhone 7 still mostly looks physically intact.

Source: YouTube/TechRax

And finally, the moment of truth: TechRax takes the iPhone 7 out of the glass container, washes it off, and checks if the iPhone 7 still works. He charges it up and attempts to turn the phone on.

After being submerged for more than 12 hours in the world's strongest acid, the iPhone 7 still works!

Source: YouTube/TechRax

What happens? A miracle of epic proportions! The iPhone 7 booted up and it still works! Physically the phone looks like a mess, but internally everything still works! It’s still touch sensitive and all the buttons still work. Even the sound still works perfectly!

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