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Your HANDWRITING Can Tell You Who You Are!!!





Have you ever wonder what your handwriting tells you about your personality? Our penmanship, may it be nice and smooth or chicken scratch-like, are distinct and vary with one another. The uniqueness of our handwriting – how we scroll, the font and size – seems logical that our handwriting can be correlated to our personality. Thankfully, there already some scientific principles of graphology that provides basic ideas on how we can analyze our personality through our handwriting.

Excerpt from the research of the National Pen Company in the U.S., there are about 5,000 different personality traits that can be reveled based on how we write.


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From the size of our handwriting, we can already reveal the type of personality that we have.  The inforgraphics manifest that people who have small handwriting are inclined to be shy, studios and meticulous, while large handwritings have the tendency to become outgoing and sociable.  Further, people with average size of handwriting are somehow comfortable and generally well-adjusted to its social life.


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Our handwriting also tells about our character through the shape of our letters.  According to National Pen Company, if handwriting slants to the left, the person tends to keep to oneself.  If handwriting slants to the right, that person is likely to become adventurous and love to be with new people.  A person becomes logical and practical if the handwriting does not slant.  Lastly, other personality traits of a person can also be distinguished on how the letters are inscribed.


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The way we loop the letters “I” and ‘e’, in cursive, talks about our nature. National Pen Company asserts that people who have wide loops tend to become relaxed, impulsive and open minded; And, people with narrow loops mean that they are doubtful towards others and do not involve themselves to a situation with emotional assertion.

Source: EliteDaily

Try checking your handwriting now to validate basic descriptions.   But regardless of the interpretation, you have to remember that it will only be you who can define the real you!

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