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Her Hands were Tied in Duct Tape. How She Freed Herself? This is an Important Safety Trick.





Imagine yourself being nabbed by a group of men. The first thing that these men will do to you is to tie you up so that escaping from them will become impossible. Normally, as what I have watched from real crime videos, they will tie your hands and feet. What will you do if this will happen to you? Well, at first you will be afraid of course but try to overcome it because there is nothing you can do if you are not relaxed and calm. Then, think of some creative ways on how you can escape from that situation. You have to remember that there is no other person that can help you but yourself. Learning some few safety tricks will definitely give you an advantage.

Check out this video. Hopefully, you will not be able to use this in real life situation. But it is always better to know something rather than nothing at all. The video manifests one of the very important safety tricks that you need to learn. Dateline Correspondent Andrea Canning shows how you can free yourself if someone will tie your hands with a duct tape.

Watch the video:

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