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Is This Halloween Zombie Car Crash Display Way Too Over The Top?

How much is too much for a Halloween display?

One of the fascinating things about the Halloween is the competition between your neighbors on who has the terrifying lawn displays. Some showcase their talent in craftsmanship by recreating structures from their favorite films, while others create something that pays homage to the spirit of Trick or Treating.

Somewhere in Waretown, New Jersey, a family decided to go for an extra mile in their lawn display by creating something twisted and a bit too graphic for the public.

Local police paid the family a visit after receiving complaints about the graphic zombie car crash display.

The grotesque display contains a zombie pinned against a tree by a car covered with blood all around.

As you can see in the picture, the problem with the display is the disturbingly realistic depiction of a car crash.

The display is surrounded by police “do not cross” tape, as if it is a crime scene.

It’s easy to mistake it as the real deal at first glance.

Imagine seeing this while passing through.

The broken bumper is a nice touch.

At least, the cobwebs at the tree trunks give away the fact that it’s just a lawn design.

Now shoot its head!

The blood covering the car is disturbing.

No wonder it became controversial. It’s pretty brutal for the public, especially for children.

Blow its head off to make sure, lest you want to get bitten!

Regarding the disturbing lawn display, the homeowner Krysten Negrotto explained:

We mean no harm by it. We don’t mean to offend anyone. We do it for the love of Halloween. We just want kids to enjoy like we did as kids.

Furthermore, despite the complaints, Negrotto stated that they also received positive comments regarding the realistic zombie display. Well, considering the Walking Dead craze these past few years, it is not really that surprising.

But still, Negrotto didn’t deny the backlash about the gruesome display, stating:

But some expressed their dislike for the display including someone who yelled from a passing car that they were going to “grow up to be horrible individuals.

They named the zombie dummy Zombie Bob.

According to the homeowners, Bob became a zombie after drinking contaminated water.

They used a Toyota Supra as a part of the display.

Further reports say that the family is still planning on adding a female body to the display to accompany Zombie Bob. That’s pretty sweet… in the most twisted way.


Shocking Photos Show Deluge of Plastic Rubbish in a Caribbean Sea

This should serve as a wake-up call for us humans to carefully think about dumping our plastic wastes.

What was once a beautiful Caribbean sea has now been completely packed with plastic rubbish. The horrific transformation was captured by a set of images that have found their way online. Whether you’ve been there or not, you’d certainly feel disappointed.

The images were taken off on the Honduran island of Roatan. There were plastics, bags, cutleries, bottles, and even gift wrappers – all floating among the seaweed. One picture even – taken from below – shows the sun being blocked out by the hoard of garbage dumped into the body of water.

A deluge of plastic rubbish was found in said sea.

A pressure group called Blue Planet Society suggested that the plastics might have come from the Montagua river in Guatemala. There was even a recent footage (embedded below) showcasing a deluge of waste being carried out to the sea. ...

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Dentist Opens Patient’s Mouth and Discovers Wriggling Maggots in Between Teeth!

Video may be disturbing for some viewers.

It's extremely hard to gross out doctors, including dentists, given that they've pretty much have seen everything. They are intimately acquainted with body parts, internal organs, and everything that goes on in between. Dentists, on the other hand, have been dealing with tartar, food particles, and bad breath regularly in their practice. If a dentist becomes grossed out over something, it's definitely something totally revolting.

It doesn't matter how long this dentist has been in practice; he must have felt like bolting out the clinic doors upon opening a patient's mouth and see scores of live maggots in between the patient's yellow teeth! This clip taken in India has amassed more than 3,000 views so far.

If your kids need more convincing to brush their teeth before going to bed, this should more than do the trick.

Maggots are slimy insects that are usually found in rotting meat. So imagine the level of deterioration the patient's mouth must have been for it to be infested with maggots. It was obvious that she has poor oral hygiene; she has rotten yellow teeth and eroded gums. ...

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15 Horrible Design Choices That Would Make You Wonder If It Was Intentional

Logic be damned, it’s difficult to believe that these designs were made unintentionally.

The art of design is a bit tricky. While this task looks simple at first glance, it's actually quite difficult to pull off correctly. There are so many things to consider when you’re designing something. While it should look presentable, you also have to keep in mind that it also has to be practical and convenient at the same time.

Unfortunately, lots of people still take the art of design for granted. Most people often try to do things themselves instead of hiring a professional. Two out of three times, they fail spectacularly. Below are some of the examples of horrible design choices that would make you wonder if it was all intentional.

1. Well, that’s an awkward way to blow up a balloon.

2. That certainly caught our attention.


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