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17 Worst Habits That Put Your Heart At Risk

Do you have these bad habits? Your heart might already be suffering.

10. Eating red meat

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Red meat should be considered occasional treats, rather than the foundation of your daily meals. Red meat is high in saturated fat, which is bad for the heart. Try to eat a variety of healthy foods each day and avoid eating too much red meat.

11. Not getting checked for health risks

Some people procrastinate medical consultations because they do not feel any physical symptoms. Always have regular check ups, especially if you have a family history of heart disease. Getting your cholesterol levels, blood pressure and blood sugar levels checked will help you promote heart health and prevent certain diseases.

12. Smoking cigarettes or living with someone who smokes

Smoking cigarettes or inhaling second-hand smoke may increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Smoking damages the lining of the arteries, leading to the build-up of a fatty material that narrows the passageway of blood. This may cause various health conditions such as angina, heart attack and even stroke.

13. Stopping or not taking medicines prescribed by the physician

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Taking the prescribed medicines for hypertension or diabetes is helpful in preventing heart disease. Yes, taking pills can be painful, especially if you are not into taking them each day. However, they’re called maintenance drugs for a reason. They need to be taken every day – with or without your symptoms. Stopping or not taking these medicines may worsen your condition and may lead to heart problems.

14. Skipping fruits and vegetables

The most heart-healthy diet is a plant-based diet. Eating ample amounts of fruits and vegetables are good for the heart. Studies have shown that eating more than five servings of fruits and vegetables per day may reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke by as much as 20 percent.

15. Ignoring the physical symptoms

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If you suddenly feel some symptoms that weren’t there before, you should call your doctor immediately. For instance, you’re exercising or running and you suddenly become short of breath or you feel chest pressure, you might be suffering from a heart attack, which needs urgent care.

16. Being a salty snacker

Increased intake of salty foods like chips and processed food products may raise your risk of heart disease. Increased salt intake has been linked to hypertension, a condition that may take a toll on your heart.

17. Consuming empty calories

Consuming empty calories like foods high in sugar and fats may affect your heart. Aside from affecting the heart, empty calories have been linked to obesity and diabetes, which are both risk factors for heart problems.

Do you have these bad habits? It’s time to take a look at your health and schedule a doctor’s appointment right away. There’s no harm in making sure your heart is in good shape.


Terrifying Game of Thrones Theory Reveals The Night King Might Be Someone We Already Know

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In the books, it was told that the Night King is a former Lord Commander of the Nights Watch. In the series, his identity has yet to be established. This is why when THIS theory about who he is started circulating online, a lot of fans are actually taking notice.

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Having Handsome Husbands Could Lead To Women’s Unhealthy Eating Habits, Study Finds

Apparently, being married to a hot guy is not always that good.

For many women, having a physically attractive husband is an achievement. Sure, the success of a marriage doesn’t rely on the couple’s attractiveness as good character and values are more essential. Yet in this appearance-driven world, women place much importance in beauty. They normally care not only about their physical appearance but also their romantic partner’s.

However, a recent study has discovered that being married to a handsome man could have negative effects on a woman. The new research from Florida State University found that women whose husbands were deemed more attractive were prone to develop unhealthy eating habits. They were found to have a higher motivation to diet and seek a thin body compared to women who were evaluated as more attractive than their husbands.


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Eric Martinez has already proposed to his girlfriend and got a “yes” for an answer, but he decided to pop up the question again, this time in a more memorable scene. Eric staged an underwater proposal as he is fully aware that his already-fiancée, Cammy Rynae Cuoco, is pretty much in love with mermaids.

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