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Woman Brags She Has Slept With Over 100 Married Men – To Help Save Their Marriages!

“More than one man I’ve been with has said ‘Having an affair with you has made our whole life so much more relaxed.’

A financial consultant by profession, Gweneth Lee is living a not-so-secret lifestyle that has caused many people to raise their eyebrows in disbelief. You see the 47-year-old woman from Chelsea, London is quite proud to admit that she sleeps with married men.

Lee says she has slept with more than a hundred married guys whom she met through a website aptly-called Illicit Encounters. Most of these men, according to her, are in dull, sexless marriages.

In an interview with This Morning, Gweneth Lee said she had affairs with married men to help save their relationships.

In her own words, Lee shared:

“More than one man I’ve been with has said ‘Having an affair with you has made our whole life so much more relaxed.’

“It’s taken the pressure off the wife who, maybe after 25, 30 years of marriage, they’re not into him anymore and he only has sex with his wife on his birthday, Christmas or their wedding anniversary, and she’s miserable doing it, she just doesn’t want to do it anymore.”

Having marriage problems? Gweneth says she’s always willing to help!

The former model went on:

“Marriage is very challenging, you can be with the most wonderful loving person but after 25 years you’ve hung from the chandeliers you’ve done all the crazy stuff and its hard to keep it spicy and exciting.”

She feels ZERO guilt about sleeping with someone else’s husband – and she doesn’t care if a family ends up breaking because of her.

As she explained:

“Their wife and their kids is their business my family is my business. Anybody who is in a relationship decides what they share and they don’t share with the person they’re involved with.”

Watch the interview here:

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Understandably, people were disgusted with Lee’s confessions.

As one netizen posted on Twitter:

“How can this woman be happy with the fact she’s sleeping with other women’s husbands? Not something to be proud of. You’re a home wrecker!’

Meanwhile, another wrote:

“Trust me love, my other half wouldn’t thank me for getting you involved. Hideous.”

Well what do you think about this “serial” mistress’ strange dating habits, folks? Hit us up in the comment section!


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