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Guy Tweets About How Visiting His Father’s Grave Led To The Most Unexpected Plot Twist


  • A Twitter thread has gone viral for its amazing story that begins at a grave and ends with a truly unexpected twist.
  • Sixth Form Poet is an author who has captivated thousands of Twitter users with his awesome tale.
  • The writer has since posted more amusing stories with amazing endings.

Everybody loves a great plot twist. A story would start out a certain way and you start expecting things to happen but you discover a surprise ending. That’s what happened to thousands of people who came across one man’s tweet about visiting his father’s grave.

The story comes from an author simply known as Sixth Form Poet. He shared the tale on his Twitter account in a series of tweets that immediately had people interested in his story. The thread starts out with the death of the author’s father, which he claimed is a “classic start to a funny story.” Are you ready for the unusual tale? Read on.

Not surprisingly, people loved the story and its awesome plot twist. Although some pointed out that it might be too good to be true, others simply congratulated Sixth Form Poet for a truly well-crafted tale. One netizen even wrote that they are “now holding my flowers going to the nearest cemetery to put them on a stranger grave, waiting for the niece to come.”

This isn’t the only story that Sixth Form Poet shared on Twitter. As indicated, it was only the first chapter. Since posting the tale, the author has tweeted out two more threads that are just as engaging as the first one.

It is still unclear if there will be more stories to come but people are certainly loving the delightful Twitter tales shared by Sixth Form Poet. Hopefully, there will be more threads to look forward to in the future. You can follow the account @sixthformpoet on Twitter.

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