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10 Gruesome Fairytale Endings That Will Make You Rethink About Happy Ever After

Disney did a great job sugarcoating the fairytales we grew up with.

Fairy tales always make people dream about living a fantastic life, filled with laughter and love and seemingly free from troubles. However, some Disney fairy tales that we’ve come to love and the stories that made every girl dream about a “happily ever after” moment with a prince to sweep them off their feet were actually based on original stories that had morbid twists and gruesome endings.

It turns out that companies like Disney have done a perfect job in sugarcoating the truth found in those children’s fairy tales so as to give these readers the happy ending that they’ve always hoped for.

Here are 10 original fairy tale endings that may ruin your childhood:

#1. Snow White

We are all familiar with how the Queen sent out the Huntsman to kill Snow White and bring back her heart. It was a pretty accurate version from Disney except that in the original story the Queen had asked for the princess’ lungs and liver to be served to dinner.

Snow White also didn’t wake up from the prince’s magical kiss.

He carried her body to the castle but she awakened when she was jostled by a horse. Who knows what the prince would do to her “dead” body.

#2. The Little Mermaid

In the classic Disney animated film version, Ariel successfully turned into a human so she can finally be with prince Eric and marry him. The happy ending is that there was a big wedding attended by humans and Ariel’s people in the underwater world. However, the original story from Hans Christian Andersen had two different endings in which Ariel’s fate is to die.

Source: BFMiss

In the first version, the mermaid saw the Prince marry someone else and she is disheartened. She was given a knife which she may use to kill the prince, but she refused and jumped into the ocean instead. She then turned into froth and died. A revised version saw the mermaid becoming a “daughter of the air” who was waiting to rise up to heaven.

#3. Sleeping Beauty


The original Sleeping Beauty story will convince you that Disney is giving people false hopes about ever after. Sleeping Beauty was put in a sleeping spell because of a prophecy, not because she was cursed. A kiss from a prince didn’t wake her up.

The king saw her asleep and then raped her.

She got pregnant and gave birth nine months after to two kids – while she’s still asleep. One of her kids sucked her finger which removed the piece of flax that was keeping her in her sleep status. She then woke up and found out about her rape and realized she’s already a mother.

#4. Cinderella

Source: Giphy

Cinderella has a morbid twist in the Brothers Grimm version. One of the evil stepsisters cut off her toes while the other also cut off her heel so both can easily fit into that tiny glass slipper.


Eventually, the prince found out the truth about the owner of the glass slipper. When the stepsisters realized that they had to win Cinderella’s favor, they went to her wedding but their eyes were pecked out by birds.

#5. Goldilocks and The Three Bears

We know about how Goldilocks stumbled upon a house that belonged to a family of bears. She went inside and found that there were three bowls of porridge sitting on the table. She tried each one of them and found that baby bear’s porridge tasted the best. The bear came home to find that she slept on baby bear’s bed. She woke up and runs to escape from the home.

In the 1837 original version, there were two possible endings. In the first, the bears actually caught the blonde intruder, ripper her apart and made her their meal. In the other version, Goldilocks jumps out the window but it was told that she either fell and broke her neck or she was arrested for breaking in and was sent to a correction house.

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