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When Being a Parent Becomes Too Hard, Remember This





Being a parent is the most surreal feeling in the world. The moment our child is born, we know for sure that our lives are about to change forever.

But forever is an understatement when it comes to kids growing up. It is but natural to feel so pressed by the demands of our infants and toddlers. Sometimes, we wish we could fast forward to the time when they can do things on their own so we can finally relax. But in this video we found, we’re sure you are going to retract that wish and instead hope that your kids will never grow old.

The video is about the life of a girl from the moment she was born to the time when she was about to move out of the house for college. If you have a little one, this will truly tug your heart and make you want to hug her!

Life is short and that growing up stage of your child? It is just a phase. It will end soon before you know it. So make the most of her childhood and be the best parent you could ever be!

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