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82-Year-Old Grandma Pranks Neighbors, Knocks On The Door And Suddenly Runs Away To Hide!


Thinking about childhood memories always brings good and positive feelings. It makes us think about how fun life could be with simple stuff and silly games.

When we grow old and face the real world, we tend to take simple things for granted and let serious matters take away simple joys. But for an Irish grandmother named Olive Smyth, there is never a good time to take away the “child” in her.

One day, the 82-year-old woman was walking around Dublin with her son named Mark, when she decided to play a quick game of “knick knacking.” You may recognize this silly prank as the classic past time of kids before. In the said game, one would knock or ring the doorbell of someone else’s door then immediately run away out of sight.

While the game is quite silly, not to mention annoying for the victim, it still is a good way to have a good, hearty laugh. We can tell from the video that Mark and his companions had lots of fun.

The video is surely nostalgic for those who have played the game when they were kids. It is also a good reminder for all of us to not forget to have a good time in the face of adversaries and life challenges. Happiness is not about being able to buy the latest gadgets or having chunky wallets, it is about having good memories to last a lifetime. So relieve those great moments and have fun while you can!

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