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30 Grandma Gift Fails That Are So Wrong Yet You Can’t Even Be Mad

Grandmas are the best!

Everybody just loves grandma. She spoils her grandchildren and even lets them get away with things. Since grandmothers have this tender love for the children, they can be generous when it comes to gifts.

Sometimes, however, grandmas just can’t get the idea of gift-giving right. It could be a total disaster or a fail but you realize you can’t even be mad because – well, it’s just too adorable.

Here are 30 examples of grandma gift fails that, although hilarious, will probably warm your hearts.

#1. When you compliment grandma’s clothing, she’ll immediately get you the same one.

Source: Imgur
#2. Apparently, grandma still sees him as the little child who goes to animal pajama parties.

Source: Reddit
#3. BTW, his name is Brodie Jonas and grandma found this shirt to be a coincidence.

Source: Buffnuggets
#4. Grandma is awesome for giving this as a present!

Source: blandisanoob
#5. Isn’t this just a cool hat grandma crocheted?

Source: imgur
#6. That’s supposed to be a shark, FYI.

#7. Gramms definitely has some style.

#8. “You Know, Because It Looks Like Poop And I Know You Think That’s Funny”

Source: mordibala
#9. When you like something, grandma has a way of getting it.

Source: N3RDSFTW
#10. When a 7-year-old asks for a fingerless gloves with flowery designs, grandma gives this.

#11. Grandma got this shirt for this 34-year-old guy.

#12. You can really tell grandma is into cats.

Source: sharpunk
#13. Granny just doesn’t realize the real meaning behind that quote.

Source: gretch1
#14. When your granny has Alzheimer’s and remembers you mostly as a kid. ‘Tis actually cute.

#15. Unsure whether the robe is for him or for his female cousin. Whatever — he’s keeping it!

Source: Octabek
#16. Grandma got it right!

#17. Aww… Grandma is just so sweet.

Source: apathygabby
#18. A very personal gift from Grandma.

#19. G’ma’s definitely dope!

Source: cfraserw
#20. Granny may have knitted this scarf for Hagrid.

Source: smitus
#21. She’s generous enough to donate her old TV for her grandkid’s video games.

#22. Because grandkid is into gaming, Grandma got this classic toy!

Source: Strid3r21
#23. Thanks Gramms, but it’s supposed to be Clint.

Source: watkins_i_do
#24. When grandma knows you love duct tape.

Source: LindsaySsh
#25. This is actually an awesome pair of socks.

#26. It’s the thought that really counts.

#27. Such a cool grandma for making this baby shower cake.

Source: ShaylaDoesIt
#28. Uh-oh Gramms. . .

#29. All of Gramma’s used soap . . . but whyyyyy???

Source: hwarner27
#30. Grandma’s definitely looking out for John.

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