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83-Year-Old Woman Became Flower Girl to Her Granddaughter’s Wedding

She stole the show along with the bride!

  • The bride, who is a registered nurse, got the idea from an elderly patient, who did the same for her granddaughter.
  • Grandma wore a maroon dress and threw pink rose petals jubilantly.
  • The octogenarian has been married to the bride’s grandfather for 63 years.

In every wedding, it’s the bride who is designated to steal the show. But on this nurse’s big day, her grandmother totally did that. It’s all because this 83-year-old grandmother was actually THE flower girl!

27-year-old Brenna Kleman veered away from tradition when choosing her entourage. Instead of asking one or two of the little girls in the family to become the flower girl, she opted to give the job to her octogenarian grandmother.

The sweet 83-year-old was more than willing to toss flowers for her granddaughter.

“Grandma,” as she would like to be identified when she spoke with Good Morning America, said that she “felt excited and blessed to be there.”

Brenna, who married her husband Brock Kendall in April, shared she got the idea of the unconventional flower girl from one of her elderly patients, who did the same for her granddaughter.

According to Brenna, her decision made way for fun moments during her big day and of course, some pretty awesome photos. She said that the whole congregation was all smiles when they saw her grandmother walk down the aisle.

Thomas Felts, the photographer for the wedding, was able to take a picture of Grandma, happily jumping into the air as she tossed pink rose petals all over.

The groom Brock shared his bride’s delight with the experience.

He said that age doesn’t matter and that “Grandma’s 83 years young and in the picture, she’s off the ground jumping and throwing flowers.”
Brenna hopes to have a marriage just like Grandma’s, who has been married to the bride’s grandfather for 63 years.


Dog Rescued From Getting Euthanized Couldn’t Contain His Gratitude

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Sweden’s Floating Library “Bokbaten” Brings Books to People in Remote Islands

Bringing the gift of literacy to everyone.

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  • Funding concerns endanger the future of the library.

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