Golden Retriever Works As Delivery Dog For Shop Owners

She knows when she is being shortchanged!

Dog owners will always tell you that their pet is a good boy or girl. But can your pooch run errands for various shop owners throughout the day? An adorable golden retriever has been a delivery dog of sorts for several stores in her neighborhood. This very good girl is paid by her clients with a bowl of milk.

Being a courier for a number of stores should be confusing for the average pup. However, Thockssun is quick to follow instructions, whether her mistress asks her to go to a clothes shop or a chicken store. She also refuses to leave the establishment without being paid the right amount.

Thockssun never loses her way while serving as a delivery dog

Thockssun’s owner is undoubtedly proud of her reliable golden retriever. The owner even considers the pooch as her daughter. Thockssun always manages to get the job done and promptly returns home when she is finished running errands.

The cute pup poses with her proud mom

The sweet golden retriever clearly understands the shop owner’s instructions. In one instance, she is asked to deliver a potted plant to the thread store. Once paid, Thockssun delivers the change to the flower shop. The store owner is satisfied with the delivery and immediately pays the dog.

Thockssun waits patiently as the store owner places a pot in her basket

Running errands can be tiring work. This is why Thockssun frequently visits a snack shop to get some refreshments once she is paid by her clients.

The store owner reveals that the golden retriever visits her four or five times a day between her deliveries.

The pooch always waits for her change for her purchases

Thockssun’s last visit to the snack shop didn’t go so well. The store owner was initially confused why the dog wouldn’t leave then realized she had forgotten to give the pooch her change. Thockssun immediately left once her change was dropped in her basket and heads home for her treat.

At the end of the day, Thockssun always gets a bowl of milk for her hard work. This is one pooch who will always have her clients looking forward to her services every day.

Check out how Thockssun the delivery dog runs errands for her clients

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