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Ever See Something so CUTE it Hurts? Watch This Little Girl Pulling a Huge Horse!





When I was a kid, I remembered reciting the poem: “I had a little pony, His name is Dapple Grey.” Reciting poems is one of my favorite activities in school, as much as I love horses. I guess most kids do. Whenever the teacher asked, “What your favorite animal?,” most of the kids would say a horse.

Just like two-year-old Emma on the video. She does not have pony named Dapple Grey, what she has is a bigger black horse, larger than her size. This is probably one of the cutest thing you’ll ever see on video, watching a little girl pulling a large horse while walking down a snow-covered road.

You might think, it’s not good for Emma to walk with the large horse, it might step on her. Well, better watch the video and see how Emma managed to pull such as big animal.

Here is the cutest video that will surely pick you up, if you feel down today:

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Amazing! The video is really sweet and heart-melting. Have you seen how happy and excited Emma was when she gently pulled Cinnamon around while the man behind the video (probably her Dad) instructed her how to hold and pull the reins?

The cutest part is seeing Emma successfully pulling the reins and guiding Cinnamon down the snowy path. It is so delightful to see how gentle Cinnamon is towards Emma. You can also see how patient was Emma’s father in teaching her how to hold the reins in order to prevent the horse from stepping on it which might cause an accident if that point was overlooked.

This translates to the fact that if kids are trained to show compassion and gentleness to animals they would grow up considerate, kind and just in their relations to others. I think Emma would grow into a compassionate and kind woman someday.

If you enjoyed the video, share it to your friends and family to make them smile or simply turn their gloomy days around.

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