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Poor Guy Thinks He’s Getting a Birthday BJ, But Girlfriend Prepares an Evil Prank Instead.






This is a reminder to all the guys out there: Be careful when pulling a prank on your girlfriend because you’ll never know how painful her revenge is. This guy did and man, this must be the most painful revenge I’ve ever seen, as in literally painful. Imagine getting your ass and balls glued to hair-waxing strips. I mean, OUCH.

So he cast the first prank, in which he pretended to have killed her dog. She didn’t take this lightly so she pulled a prank of her own to get back at him. She pretends to have a birthday surprise for him, puts him in blindfolds and leads him out of the bathroom. She gets him naked and makes him sit on the chair. Now the poor guy doesn’t know that she placed a couple of waxing strips on the chair. The unsuspecting dude sits on the chair and… oh man.

Watch and see how it all went down.

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Poor dude. The girlfriend must have a really cruel streak to do this to him. But I gotta admit, it’s darn funny watching him howl in pain as he tries to get off the chair. I’m just so glad I’m not him! This is another proof that women will never know how to prank. First, the girlfriend who pepper sprayed the toilet paper. Now this? Poor guys.

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