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Adorable Giant Tiger Adopts Tiny Fawn and Carries it Around Like Her Own Cub

Fierce tiger was captured being amazingly friendly with a deer.


Tigers are the amongst the most feared animals in the jungle. They have this strong and fierce physical and social characteristics that can leave any animal or human cringe. This is why many were shocked when a tiger surprisingly approach a deer fawn without any signs of violence in a reserve in India.

Photographer Souvik Kundu, 35, was there to witness the entire happening. He was so fascinated that he took lots of photos. Lucky for us, we are able to view them here and now. The photos taken in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in India captured moments of the tiger playing and cuddling with a deer. It is a total surprise and delight to all who have seen the wonderful photos. See the photos below:

‘The Benevolent Queen’ was the title of the series of photographs featuring this gentle tiger.


All the tiger wants is to play with his new best friend. So cute!


The photographer said that it is possible that the tiger mistaken the deer as its offspring.


The tiger unexpectedly played with the deer fawn as opposed to expectations.


The people at the reserve did not expect the tiger to show such endearing affection!


The tiger patting the deer, showing amiable care!


Photographer Kundu was able to capture these moments perfectly!


Such a sweet scene of a strong tiger and a meek fawn!


The tiger left the fawn lying on the grass to rest after their play time.


Watch their video below:

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Tigers are considered as one of the most fierce animals in the jungle. Other animals fear tigers because of their strong nature and brave personalities. However, this notion was totally shaken by photos that depict a tiger being all friendly to a deer – an amicable prey!


What This Little Girl Said Really Freaked Her Mom Out!

It’s absolutely creepy to hear a 4-year-old say that.

I don't know what it is about children and their inclination towards the paranormal. We've seen horror movies wherein ghosts either communicate or use innocent children as vessels for whatever unresolved purpose they want to fulfill on earth.

But what gives me the creeps is when such things happen in real life - to real people.
It is, of course, a different experience when we watch actors play in the big screen. Although the concept can make you cringe, it’s not as scary as knowing that it can actually happen, especially when you least expect it.

Jaime Primak Sullivan, a Holywood publicist, writer, and producer was exchanging sweet kisses with her daughter while talking about different things in front of the camera. It was a simple 'bonding moment' for the mother and child. The little girl asked her mom about who her mom's bestfriend is, what her grandmother's name is, and who her mother's grandmother was. She then proceeded with asking more questions about her great grandmother and why she was in heaven already. The little girl kept asking until she finally said something that really freaked her mom out!

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10 Outrageously Funny Text Messages Sent By Dads

You can surely relate to these hilarious text messages

Most dads are really not that into texting. I guess that's why they'd rather call us up than send text messages.

Well, kudos to those dads who make an effort to learn not just the phone's functions but also the texting lingo! You haven't exactly given them a handbook containing the latest "internet slang" or "leet" words, right?

But have you ever received a confusing, almost embarrassing, hilarious text message from your dad? Within that whole process of searching for contacts, typing the message, and sending it after, is a large room for errors - particularly when our dads aren't familiar with the features of the latest smartphones. Those messages, no matter how sweet or innocent they are, often read wrong and funny! (That is if your dad didn't throw in some "dad humor" in there somewhere).

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Groom Threw Himself into the River After Seeing UGLY Arranged Wife for the First Time

He was so upset when he arrived at his wedding only to find out his arranged bride was “too ugly”.

Arranged marriages are still being practiced today. Some cultures still has this tradition, and it is imperative for grooms and brides to marry the person their parents/ family deem appropriate for them. While we respect this tradition, we can't help but think how one would feel if he/ she is forced to marry someone for reasons other than love. I guess this recent incident can give us an answer.

Kang Hu, 33, was set to marry Na Sung, 30, as per their parents' directives. During the ceremony, the groom (Kang Hu) surprised all the wedding guests when he ran out of the venue in Shiyan, Hubei, China after telling his bride that she was just "too ugly," and that she would be "bad for his image."

Groom threw himself into the river after finding out his arranged bride was "too UGLY".


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