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Ghost Prank Goes Horribly Wrong As Prankster Gets Run Over By Speeding Car





Pranks are undeniably popular nowadays. Just go to YouTube and you’ll probably see thousands (if not millions!) of prank videos uploaded on the site. To be fair, there are many that will really make you laugh. On the other hand though, I’ve also seen a lot of those heartless pranks that make me hope it would backfire on the not-so-funny jokesters.

That’s exactly how I felt while watching the video below.

This is about two guys who each wore a sheet, pretending they’re ghosts while scaring drivers on the road. One of the ‘ghosts’ would jump out of the shadows to block a vehicle’s way and then the terrified driver would react to it by reversing gears, hoping to escape the scene. The other ghost would then appear from behind the car, further inducing more horror to the poor victim.

Things started to take an ugly twist though when one of the drivers didn’t hesitate to plough one of the pranksters with his car.

Here’s how it happened:

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As they say on the internet, this truly is an “epic fail.” The prankster bounced and fell on the ground after the speeding vehicle hit him. The driver then ran away from the scene, leaving the guy and his friend behind. The horrified cameraman ran towards the pair to help their buddy who sustained a bad leg injury. I know this is a bad thing to say this but I think that accident serves them right. They could’ve killed one of their victims if the person gets a heart attack or something.

The video was uploaded online by YouTube user papacrazy and so far, it has attracted over 2 million views since being posted just a week ago. Comments are disabled for the video and I’m guessing they did that because they’ve been getting a lot of hate from netizens everywhere.

Personally, I think there’s nothing wrong with playing pranks as long as it’s not irresponsible like this one.

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