German Teen Creates Wickedly Cool and Intricate Hairstyles

Want to look like a princess, a fairy, or the mother of dragons? Here's 30 of her astonishing works...

  • Milena Diekmann creates and models her intricate hairstyles on social media.
  • The 17-year-old German teenager started doing hairstyles at the age of 6.
  • In 2019, she began creating intricate hairdos that resembled macramé, basket weaves, knit, and crochet patterns.
  • This extremely talented young lady, who now has 41,400 followers, dreams of becoming a famous celebrity stylist someday.

Regardless of the color and length, Milena Diekmann can certainly bring life to any hair. This 17-year-old German lady creates hairstyles you don’t normally see everyday.

Milena, a self-taught hairstylist, demonstrates her braiding skills using wigs, which she later models herself. Her intricate, jaw-dropping hairdos look like macramé, basket weaving, knit, and crochet patterns.

“I first started doing hairstyles when I was about 6 years old. But I’ve always been interested in braiding, for example, bracelets. Then, when I was about 10 years old, I started doing more advanced hairstyles,” she said in an interview.

She began experimenting on uncommon hairstyles when she ran out of ideas and wanted to expand her knowledge. Milena soon combined different braiding techniques.

“Most of my ideas come while braiding. I start braiding and then many new ideas come to my mind,” she said.

She applies her skills on wigs, and once she’s done with her design, she tries them on herself. The young artist loves the ‘scissor waterfall braids’ and ‘basket weave braids.’ Although so far, the ‘crisscross basket weave braid’ is her favorite hairstyle… and well, so does more than 22,000 other people.

Milena loves the fact that the possibilities are endless with hairstyles. For her, it is a ‘great way of expression and inspiration.’

She also inspires people by sharing and teaching her techniques to others.

“I personally also find it really relaxing because you can let go of any disturbing thoughts and just focus on the art of doing hair,” she said during the interview.

But with the very elaborate designs she has been doing, Milena admitted that time management is definitely the hardest task for her.

This German lady currently has 41,400 followers on her Instagram account. It really proves that people are noticing and loving her designs. In fact, popular people, influencers, and iconic beauty trademark representatives also admire her work.

She hopes to become a famous celebrity or wedding hairstylist in the future. With her great talent and all the attention she’s been getting, this may not be so difficult to achieve.

We will definitely watch out for this young lady.

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