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Gorgeous German Pilot Becomes Instagram Star With Her Stunning Travel Photos





If you’re an avid Instagram user, you know it’s a good place to find breathtaking travel photos from travel bloggers all over the world. While most of these people pay to get to where they want to go and blog about it, very few get to do the blogging from the cockpit – just like this stunning German pilot named Madeleine Schneider-Weiffenbach.

Madeleine has earned herself more than a million followers on Instagram as of this writing. Her followers not only get to see the gorgeous pilot flaunt her curves but also the amazing views from the cockpit and the beautiful places she’s visited.

German beauty Madeleine Schneider-Weiffenbach is a lifestyle blogger who also has aviation training.

Aviation runs in her family.

She acquired her Commercial Pilot license a few years back…

But she has yet to find the perfect aviation-related job.

While waiting, she makes a living out of lifestyle blogging, touring the world.

Sometimes, she flies on a private plane.

She shared to DailyMail:

“I was soon able to live off it so I decided to pursue travel blogging instead of working for a low-cost airline. I have absolutely nothing against that but I was just lucky to have another option.”

In a blog entry from last year, Madeleine explained that she initially joined Instagram just to connect with other pilots from all over the world. However, she decided to share more of her private life, her healthy lifestyle, fitness photos, recipes and of course — the stunning travel photos. Having done that, she gained followers rather quickly.

While some people save money for designer items…

Madeleine saves up for travel.

“I don’t put much attention to expensive designer clothes, I always buy my cosmetics in a drug store… Overall, I’m a super economical person.”

She gets to enjoy free hotel stays…

Feast on such lovely meals like this…

And this…

And enjoy scenic views like this one.

She also gets to travel with her boyfriend, Iqbal Gran, who also has a steady Instagram following.

Although it looks like Madeleine is having the time of her life traveling, she said that she still needs to work hard to maintain her lifestyle.

You may see her on a lavish vacation…

But she often stays up until 3 a.m.

She makes sure her blog is constantly updated with entries and edited pictures and videos. She wakes up again early in the morning hoping that she can keep a fresh look all throughout the day for her photos.

You can follow Madeleine on Instagram to see more of her photos or check out her blog on Pilot Madeleine.

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