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20 Funny Photos That Are Innocent Yet Inappropriate At The Same Time

You and your filthy mind! LOL!

Mark Andrew





A picture, as an old adage tells us, is capable of painting “a thousand words.” Indeed, a single snapshot can tell a lot of stories and it may convey different messages depending on how viewers see particular images.

Well, here’s a little challenge for you: we want you to think with a clean mind as you browse the photos we’ve compiled below.

That may not sound like a complicated task to do but believe us when we say it’s never going to be easy. Sure, these photos are completely innocent but we bet you’ll definitely have trouble keeping filthy thoughts away from your head as you stare at them.

Scroll down and laugh along!

#1. This gives new meaning to “action” figures.

1. They seem to be having a good time

Source: Distractify
#2. Be cautious where you place your foot. You just might regret it!

2. Be careful of that foot placement

#3. Also, watch that hand, would you?!

3. And that hand placement

#4. You’ve already been warned.

#4. See what I mean?

#5. She needs to come up with a better column title.

5. Yum!

Source: Men’s Den
#6. Looks straight out of a dirty sci-fi movie. LOL!

#6. It's Alive!

#7. Be careful where you place your legs.

#7. Be mindful of where you put your legs

#8. You’ve got butt-like arms, bro!

#8. And your arms

#9. Those are perfectly-placed pillows. Pillows you can squeeze.

#9. pillows

#10. It surely looks wrong.

#10. What did I just say about legs?

#11. Those shadows are totally suspicious.

#11. Shadow dongs

#12. Now I don’t even know what to say about this one.


#13. “Vampires Suck The Other Guys”

#13. I mean, sort of

Source: Men’s Den
#14. Just a hairy dog.

#14. This is a dog, by the way

Source: Men’s Den
#15. So near yet so far…

#15. Looks like it

Source: Men’s Den
#16. Time to feed the animals, yes?

#16. feeding time

#17. I wonder what “experiment” that is.

#17. That's fine. I guess.

Source: RadAss
#18. It’s funny that you three are sitting together.

#18. Let's hope they always sit like this

Source: Men’s Den
#19. This is where you insert your fingers.

#19. This one is pretty innocent. It's on us for seeing what we see

Source: Men’s Den
#20. “Where to find love!”

#20. And even less this one

Source: Men’s Den

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