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20 Photos That Prove Kids Can Literally Sleep Anywhere

OMG I can't even! LOL!

When asked for an insight about parenthood, popular Hollywood actor Johnny Depp described his experience this way: “When kids hit one year old, it’s like hanging out with a miniature drunk. You have to hold onto them. They bump into things. They laugh and cry. They urinate. They vomit.”

While that statement is already pretty accurate in itself, I felt tempted to add “they sleep everywhere” after looking at the photos below. I mean, yeah, kids can be a handful but when sleepiness hits them, they’d literally do it anytime, anywhere.

See for yourself and have a good laugh:

#1. Sleeping in front of the President.

Source: Flickr

Was his talk too long and boring? LOL!

#2. Sleeping on a suitcase.

Well at least the dad doesn’t have to carry her anymore.

#3. Sleeping on Legos.

Source: Imgur

This boy is a total bad ass.

#4. Sleeping on a shelf.

Source: Imgur

Now that takes some serious skills!

#5. Sleeping on the toilet.

Good thing he didn’t fall all the way.

#6. Sleeping on top of a dog.

Source: NapsHappen

To be fair, they both look comfy.

#7. Sleeping in a shoe.

Or was it “because” of the shoe?

#8. Sleeping on the edge of a bed.

Source: ChinaSmack

That’s pretty hardcore!

#9. Sleeping while shopping.

Source: Instagram

Mommy’s taking too long buying things again, I suppose?

#10. Sleeping like a baby kangaroo.

Source: NapsHappen

So that’s what it’s used for.

#11. Sleeping in the dog’s bed.

The dog was like, “excuse me but this place is mine.”

#12. Sleeping on a shopping cart.

Source: NapsHappen

Look ma, no hands!

#13. Sleeping in style.

Source: NapsHappen

Always ready for a photo shoot.

#14. Sleeping on top of the TV.

“Look, I’m on TV!”

#15. Sleeping like there’s no tomorrow.

Source: Imgur

Imagine the horror if the guy in front of him suddenly farted.

#16. Do you think he’s comfortable? I’m not so sure…

#17. This is so much better than sleeping in my bed…

#18. That’s an incredible sense of balance he’s got there.

#19. Looks like an overdose of jam…

#20. Patience…he’ll wake up in a minute…

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