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Can You Find The 6 Words Hidden In These Pictures?

We challenge you to look for the missing words in the pictures. Time yourself and solve it accurately and quickly! Good luck!

Kris Evangelista





Playing with blocks, shapes and puzzles do more than just get kids used to looking and controlling objects.

It keeps kids more occupied and entertained at the same time it enhances skills.

This could also be a fun form of family bonding, children can sit down with the family and start looking and finding the missing pieces or the hidden words.

It can boost their love for thinking in a logical manner, persistence in looking at problems in different ways and injecting patience as they solve it.

In our technology driven society many children became so focused on games online, this kind of educational games will give lots of advantages. One of the benefits of puzzles or finding hidden words is that it develops focus and attention. This enhances children’s curiosity and problem solving skills needed in school.

We encourage you to join your kids by guiding them or discussing the pictures together but it’s better to let your child solve and finish the puzzles completely on their own.

Enjoy finding 6 missing words on each picture. There are ten puzzles to complete. Good luck and Have Fun!

#1. Find Six Hidden Words in This Puzzle

#1. Find Six Hidden Words in This Puzzle

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What Divers Found Lurking At The Bottom Of The Ocean Will Scare The Crap Out of You

This could be the scariest footage you will ever see.

Ivan Menchavez



The ocean is one of the most mysterious places in this world. With only less than 10 percent of the ocean floor explored, there are still a lot to discover what lies beneath. With that big of an area still completely undiscovered, who knows what is in there to find out.

Mermaids may not be real, but what is under the deep blue sea remains a mystery humans might not be able to find out.

The huge number of extraordinary creatures and mystifying phenomena are still hiding in those mysterious but beautiful bodies of water. With the average depth of 14,000 feet, who knows what you will find once you try to explore it.

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This Spoiled Brat at a Store Will Make You Really Mad

Are you raising a little monster? How would you react to an extremely spoiled brat?

Mika Castro



We all know stories of "kids from hell". They are extremely obnoxious spoiled brats who must have everything they want, otherwise they will throw a tantrum! Children like that are known to suffer from superiority complex or a feeling of self-entitlement.

This attitude problem among children is largely influenced by inappropriate parenting techniques. What parents show as examples to their children is imprinted on them, and it becomes the foundation of their personalities too. However as parents, sometimes we may overlook the negative things our children do, and may feel very protective when other people try to "scold" or tell off our little buggers to behave.

This scenario is exactly put to the test by the ABC News show segment What Would You Do.


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This 9-Year-Old Boy Makes $1.3 Million Unboxing and Reviewing Toys On YouTube

EvanTubeHD is definitely living the dream!

Mark Andrew



How would you like to make millions just by opening boxes of toys? Well, this Asian-American boy is definitely living the dream.

Known to the online world as EvanTube, this YouTube superstar has a massive following with over 2 million subscribers and 1 billion views since his channel was established back just last September 2011.

At the time, Evan simply asked Jared, his dad, to upload their Angry Bird stop motion videos on the video-sharing site so that he could show them with his school friends. His father, who works in a photography and video production company, did exactly that.

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