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Can You Find The 6 Words Hidden In These Pictures?





Playing with blocks, shapes and puzzles do more than just get kids used to looking and controlling objects.

It keeps kids more occupied and entertained at the same time it enhances skills.

This could also be a fun form of family bonding, children can sit down with the family and start looking and finding the missing pieces or the hidden words.

It can boost their love for thinking in a logical manner, persistence in looking at problems in different ways and injecting patience as they solve it.

In our technology driven society many children became so focused on games online, this kind of educational games will give lots of advantages. One of the benefits of puzzles or finding hidden words is that it develops focus and attention. This enhances children’s curiosity and problem solving skills needed in school.

We encourage you to join your kids by guiding them or discussing the pictures together but it’s better to let your child solve and finish the puzzles completely on their own.

Enjoy finding 6 missing words on each picture. There are ten puzzles to complete. Good luck and Have Fun!

#1. Find Six Hidden Words in This Puzzle

#1. Find Six Hidden Words in This Puzzle

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