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Fridge Shelfies Is The Newest And Smuggest Trend On Instagram





Instagram is quickly overtaking Facebook when it comes to sharing life moments through photos and videos. While it was recently dominated by fashion trendsetters sharing new and weird fads, health influencers are now starting to take over with their smuggest social media trend yet.

You can now rest your eyes from all the creepy photos of nails and eyebrows circulating on Instagram. A new trend has started on the platform that will surely make you drool over the healthy, and yummy stuff stocked in the fridges of people from all over the world. You can also get inspiration from their “shelfies” on how you can organize your own refrigerator.

Photos of neatly-organized refrigerators are circulating on Instagram.

Source: instagram

For sure, food photos have long been circulating on Instagram, maybe even when it was first launched in 2010. But we usually see photos of plated meals or videos on how to bake, and rarely do we see people sharing tips on how to store the food items properly.

Why would they when we all have our own techniques in shelving our meals in cabinets and fridges. But admit it, we sometimes find ourselves pretty much occupied that we neglect to sort out the carrots from the potatoes before we place them in the crisper of our refrigerators.

People don’t just share how they put their fridge in order but they also share the healthy stuff they stack inside it.

If you are having these problems of keeping your fridge neat, then it is time to log in back to your Instagram account and get some useful tips from our healthy Instagrammers. People are sharing their VERY virtuous fridge “shelfies” which is apparently the newest trend to take the social media by storm.

People are taking snaps of their perfectly organized and sparkling clean refrigerators with only healthy stuff in them. Seeing them might make you feel guilty for dumping every grocery item and junks all at once in your fridge shelves. Fitness fanatics and health gurus started the smug shelfies under the hashtag #fridgegoals or #fridgeshelfie. They stack their prepped meals for dinner and lunches of vegetables and nut butter and milk properly, you might ask yourself why you haven’t thought of doing the same in your own fridge.

Scroll down for great ideas on what to buy for a healthy meal, and see pictures that will probably make you want to rush home and sort your own refrigerator out.










Source: instagram